Even the worst salesperson will fall into an easy sale once in a while. Insurance and investment companies know that and that’s why they push you to meet with anyone who has a heartbeat. They know that if you meet with enough people you’ll eventually sell something to somebody, but that doesn’t mean you can sell.

Far from it. It only means that you’re working the odds when you should learn how to sell, so the odds would be working for you. No matter how many leads you buy or get from orphan clients they’re worthless if you can’t convert those leads into appointments, and then convert your appointments into clients. And you should be able to convert far more than 30% of your appointments into clients.

Sales is all about actions, but it’s also all about the right actions. You can measure your sales effectiveness or sales skills by the actions you’re able to produce. You can sell if:

  • you’re able to generate highly qualified leads through your marketing efforts.
  • you convert those leads into appointments by asking questions that engage the prospect and heighten their interest.
  • you convert your appointments into clients as a result of your listening skills and sales skills that enable you to understand and respond to the motivating reasons your prospects want to buy and buy now.

You aren’t selling products you’re selling relationships. Selling means you understand the client, your objective is listening to the client or potential client until you have mutual understanding of what they want, and it means you’re able to appropriately advise your client or potential client because of your level of understanding of their wants and needs. And it’s all so much easier because the focus isn’t on you, it isn’t on a product, and it isn’t on price.

The focus is where it belongs, on what the client wants. Anyone can sell a client, but a true sales professional sells a relationship that supports the wants and goals of the client. Which do you think has more value and ability to last, an individual sale or a relationship in conjunction with a sale?

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