Consider what the cave man might have thought of the airplane or car. He would believe it mystical, be frightened or consider it a new type of animal. We, however, are unimpressed since we know on some basic level how these methods of transportation are made. The automobile, for instance uses an engine to rotate the wheels and move it. It, however, would go nowhere if there weren’t some type of fuel to power the engine. It might be a gasoline or solar powered engine, but the fuel still makes the car move.

Today, the same might be true of psychic skills. Many see these abilities as something supernatural and yet, they are skills acquired like any other type of ability. Just like the automobile, even if the human form has all the necessary equipment to create them, the psychic abilities need a fuel to attain the higher level.

The fuel in most cases comes from the various techniques that those that have honed the powers learned through diligent practice. Each type of belief names the power and finds ways to harness and control it.

In yoga, the name of the power is prana. The basic prana comes into the body through breathing and circulates through the system with each breath. Another prana is the apana, which controls the elimination of waste. The udana controls the ability to create sound. The Samana controls digestion and metabolism. The final prana is the vyana, which has domain over the voluntary muscles. These energies, when controlled allow the yogi to hold dominion over his body.

In qi gong, the power is the chi. This ancient Chinese belief comes through Chinese mythology and the Yellow Emperor, Huang Di, that as legend explains, first discovered formalized the Chinese medicine. It was in the book, “Analects of Confucius” which was written after Confucius’ death in 479 B.C., where the term “Qi”, we call chi appeared first in writing. It is often called the natural energy of the universe and which gives life force and power to humans.

Just like the power for the motor of the automobile, if it’s not harnessed properly the vehicle will not move. If the motor receives the energy, but there is no working control mechanism, the vehicle again does not move but simply runs. If the control mechanism is in place and allows the vehicle to move, but there is no driver direction the vehicle or a driver is available but does not take the steering wheel, then the car moves out of control and may eventually crash and burn. This scenario is much like the power within each individual. If the person chooses not to take the wheel of their life, then the potential for a crash is great.

Learning not only to fill the body’s tank with the energy force but also controlling that force once it fills the body is what many of the ancient disciplines teach. These methodologies show the practitioners how to achieve many supernatural feats through the control of their life force and energy. It is through breathing exercises, the practice of quieting the mind and meditation that the student learns to increase the body’s energies so they have the ability to perform the extraordinary.

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