Huna is a label given in modern times to the art of healing and spiritual development of the ancient Hawaiians. Once these were a secret but today, it is openly taught to thousands of people around the world. The goal is to connect to the universal spirit and the practitioner’s personal consciousness. In order to do this, it takes training and dedication.

In Huna, there is the concept of the three selves, the lower, middle and higher self. There are seven principals that guide Huna followers. IKE means that the world exists as you believe it does. Kala means that there are no limits. Makia stands for the principal that energy flows where you give it attention. Manawa is the moment of power. Aloha is the concept that love is being happy with something or someone. Mana is the principal that all power is found from within the self. Finally, Pono shows that the effectiveness of something is the measure of its truth.

The practice of Huna according to Dr. Rima Morrell, is the ability to influence the objects, animals and people around you. These don’t have to be living, they can be spirits or even Gods and Goddesses. The belief in this practice is not limited to the Hawaiians but is the basic truth and belief that is the center of many of the teachings of the ancient Egyptians, Buddha, Christ and the Yogi. Some of the Huna religion contains modern philosophy, but much of it is based on the belief that when you focus on the positive, the positive comes.

The Huna followers believe that by controlling their breathing they increase the energy and vitality of the body. The increased energy allows them to utilize the innate and often latent talents that they already posses. It allows them to fully oxygenate the body and by doing so, stimulate the electrical charge of each body cell.

The belief is that the action of the proper breathing increases not just the body’s ability to function but also increases the personal happiness of the student, their spiritual growth and of course their mental powers.

There are several methods of breathing, upper breathing, mid and deep breathing. The Kahuna breath encompasses all three and uses every part of the lung to do so. This gives the minimum amount of energy expenditure to breathe with the maximum results.

Like many of the other ancient beliefs, the breathing increases the latent energy in the body and allows the student to harness the powers and drive it with the breathing energy. The Kahuna breath uses clear focus on the breath to bring in the energy of the universe for the body to use. Just like other ancient beliefs that bring the supernatural from the buried recesses of the body, the breath is the energy that allows the body and mind to work together to perform what many consider miracles. The Kahuna use it to heal ailments, manifest objects and make realities occur. They focus on an action and communicate with the very nature of the object or desire until the outcome they wished is achieved. All this starts with the correct method of breathing.

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