Sometimes when we are working toward a particular end result, things may not move as quickly as we would like then to move. Also, life can throw in some real curve balls that frustrate us or thwart our intentions. What can we do at times like that?

Comparing yourself and your progress, to that of another person, is a trap. Your journey is meant to be your own unique journey and the lessons you learn along the way are being presented to you for a particular purpose. Very often, when making comparisons we are not looking at a true picture. You can count on it that the person you are observing will also have had many hurdles to jump, and these may not be evident to you when you see them today.

Overnight success is so often featured in our media, and more often than not, success is portrayed as miraculously instant. People who start a new venture based on that premise or belief are surprised when they are not at their end target before the end of a few weeks. Losing patience and frustrated, they then jump out of that venture and into another brand new one, only to find the same thing happening again.

Can you see Federer, Robbins, Oprah, Woods and others being where they are today if they struggled with that notion and jumped from one discipline to the next, simply because they saw that star studded fame and success in their industry was not yet evident after a few days, weeks and often years?

J. Paul Meyer (considered by many to be the founder of the self-improvement industry as it exists today) once said, "Success is the progressive accomplishment of personally worthwhile long range goals".

One key to knowing that you're moving in a forward direction is to hold a laser focus on what is working for you. A great way to do that is by measuring the specific results that were produced by particular actions that you have taken toward your goal. How else could you know that something is having the desired impact? List them for yourself and then start keeping good records.

One of my favorite ways to regularly remind myself to take my effective actions is to keep handy that list of actions that I know have worked for me, by adding them into my Motivator program. The actions that I need to be taking, pop up for me in the corner of my computer screen at time intervals that I preset. You can download your own free, personal Motivator tool by using the Tell A Friend button at my Forward Steps Life Coaching site.

A next step is to discover what has worked for others in your chosen endeavor. Quit reinventing the wheel if your journey is becoming a struggle. Get yourself a whopper tip from an expert that could leverage your actions and take your project to a whole new level. There are so many great online communities where you will find successful people who are generous with their advice, you will find a few at my list on ClaimId (Google that word, to its link add a forward slash then my name Thea, and you will see my list).

When you set your own targets, make certain that your time lines for these intended results are feasible. If you generally have 3 new people subscribe to your newsletter each day, then it is no use setting an initial goal of having 20,000 subscribers at the end of one year if you currently have 15 subscribers. A more likely goal would be 3,000 at the end of 12 months. You can then go to work on finding ways to double your subscription rates. In the process of working toward that, you may then learn enough to play for a much higher target during the following year and if your goal appears attainable, you will be less discouraged with actions you are currently taking.

It is important to recognize that you grow into success and huge results are correlated to huge changes in yourself and your mindset. The Anthony Robbins during the low period in his life where he was struggling to pay his bills, over weight and without direction, is not the same Anthony Robbins you see today on stage. The Roger Federer who, as a young boy was hitting tennis balls against the wall in the local club, is not the Federer you see today. Similarly with yourself, if for example you are a teacher then I am certain you are a different teacher today than you were in your first three years of that career.

Recognise that true and long lasting success really could take a decent length of time. Develop your level of patience plus your skills of observation and communication. As Jack Canfield suggests, "Every day do five specific things that take you toward your goal. Change up the five actions regularly and be open to feedback so you know when you are off course". Lastly, ask yourself if your actions are REAL actions toward your desired end result, and remind yourself daily that external results are not you. They are events, happenings and results, completely distinct from YOU as the person who has unique gifts to offer.

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