Many years ago my sisters insisted that I was in denial. "What are they talking about?" I thought to myself many times. I was very offended and hurt by their comment.

What was I in denial of? I had my own business, 3 kids, a home, and a happy marriage of now 17 years. I could not understand them. I thought about this comment for many years. It is funny how one comment can last a lifetime. Only time would slowly reveal this answer to me.

I realized I was in denial because I was not following my true calling. I had gotten into a business out of the need to make money. Like many of us today, it was a way to pay the bills, nothing more. There was no passion, no joy. It was just work.

What one does not realize is that as time goes by this job becomes your warden. You begin to live in a prison of your own making. The joy of life slowly begins to fade. Sounds depressing, right! Well it is! This is how must of us go through life. Why?

The process of self analysis is never an easy one. Admitting that you have been living a life not true to yourself is even harder. But many times the journey to this point is the most important part. We have grown and flourished and experienced so many things. This is your power source, your mantra. So if you hear that inner voice calling out to you, listen. It may be telling you it is time to move on, that there is something more for you out there. Do not ignore it! The time has come for your new beginning and the time is now.

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I am a journalist and motivational speaker. I have spent many years studying and researching more effective ways to apply self improvement techniques for personal, as well as spiritual growth and improvement.