What is perfection?
Why do we seek it?
What is its attraction?

Doing a good job is noble. Doing something outstanding and making a difference is spectacular!

Everyday we go out into the world in search of something.

Could it be happiness?

Perhaps it has something to do with:


We assume Perfection will somehow lead us to all these objectives. Nevertheless, perfection can be a double-edged sword. When we become obsessed with having everything “Perfect” before taking action, we become stuck in muck and mud.
It is fine to want to do things well, yet “Perfection” frequently leads us into a vicious cycle.

“If we never take action before something is ‘Perfect,’ we will never have the opportunity to achieve that which we most desire.”
Let’s take a look at an example. I have an upcoming event where I want to make my second book available. Little by Little We Go Far a compilation of my first 50 Lunar Letters. I’ll have a tremendous opportunity to offer my books in English and in Spanish to many people.

As I was working on converting the information from its original electronic format into a format suitable for publication, I realized each time I reviewed the information, there was always a way to “Perfect” it, a “better” way to express a thought or to reformat the text and pictures to enhance the book.

From this experience came the idea of Imperfect Perfection. While there is always a way to improve, there comes a time when we must accept things as they are and move forward!
The first edition is already available and, as I imagined, there are several little “horrors” which can be fixed. Not withstanding, I am extremely satisfied with the results.
Since it is the first edition, with a limited number of copies, of my first 50 Lunar Letters, it could very well become more valuable with time. My intention is to create at least 496 Lunar Letters. Possibly someday this first “special” edition, even with a few “horrors” could be worth millions! “Millions of what” I’m not certain, though I am confident it will have special value, albeit sentimental.

Imperfect Perfection creates new roads which lead to new destinies. We can flow with the unknown and the imperfect the same way nature demonstrates Imperfect Perfection. A storm which causes destruction is a natural part of growth. Sometimes it’s necessary to destroy before we can create.

When we fail in an attempt to achieve something great, we learn one more way which doesn’t work and define further what needs to be done. It is preferable to err while daring greatly than to achieve something ordinary.

Doing our very best, with what we have on hand, assures that regardless of occasional failure, we will be headed towards a worthy ideal. Happiness doesn’t come from doing something “Perfect” rather from utilizing Imperfect Perfection to move steadily in the direction of our dreams.

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