While success with women can and many times does happen overnight, you can’t expect the changes you make to have an immediate impact.
For instance, expanding your social circle and activities does increase the amount of women you come into contact with increasing your chance for success in attracting women.
However, it doesn’t mean that each activity you choose is going to have a loot of women for you to choose form.
Sometimes there might be only one or tow and every now and then, none.
That is whey it is important that you choose things that are completely new to you or seem as if you might like them.
Then base your decision on whether or not you will continue to go to the activity based on your enjoyment of the activity rather than its potential to produce the type of women that you want.

Trust me, if you expand your social circle wide enough and find yourself participating in a variety of activities that you enjoy, you will be amazed at the amount of opportunities you will start having with women that you meet.
What is even batter is the more you start filling your life up with things you want to do the easier it becomes to attract women because there isn’t as great a need on your part to attract the type of women that you desire.
Of course, giving up and going back to what you have been doing, which wasn’t working for you, is an easier option to take.