I was in deep meditation when a flash-back from an incident that happened when I was 40 years old came up, the feelings and emotions surfaced, and I was faced with almost the same amount of pain that I had experienced then. This took me much by surprise, since I have taken 10 years to work on this by utilizing all kinds of wonderful techniques to erase and clear cellular memory. Some of the deep processes that I went through did not last just a year or 2 but almost the entire 10 year span that I am talking about, and during that time I could clearly see the implications or the threads to deeper issues and how many of them where connected to childhood, Mom, Dad and ancestral history.

I have been in therapy, I have done Integrative/Holographic Breathwork, Somato Emotional Release, Past Life Regressions, Shamanic Journeys to recover fragmented pieces of the soul - you name it, I have worked on this issue for quite some time. Finally, I was able to reach the point that, when going back to revisit the issue, happily I could say that the emotional charge was gone! For a couple of years in meditation this issue would come up to my mind’s eye and I truly felt that it was just a memory without the emotion of pain behind it.

A few months ago I was facing an emotional crisis. “So what is new?!” I said to myself, as old material feelings and emotional memories from the past do seem to come up every now and then, especially when I am facing difficulties based on my personal relationships. In order to gain grater understanding of the issue, I opened my Akashic Records, and there I entered into a very deep conversation with my Masters, Teachers, and the Lords of Akasha. The revelations and information that I received I found incredible, outstanding, and quite helpful.

I have learned over the past 10 to 12 years to fully trust the information that I receive from the Akashic Records, as this information and energy has changed my life and has given me direction from a source of incredible love and wisdom.

So the question for some of you is what are the Akashic Records? Where are they? How do we access them, and what kind of information is available to us?

The Akashic Records are the recordings of one’s Soul’s experiences since inception. It is its past, present, and the possibility of its unfoldment in the future events.

In Sanskrit Akasha is translated as primordial substance, that out of which everything is formed.

There are numerous ways to access the Records, just as there are many ways to get from one city or country to another. One can travel by bike, bus, or train, or take an airplane. It is just a question of how fast or how directly you want to get there.

We use a “Sacred Prayer” that gives us access to this realm instantly. This Holy prayer was given by Spirit and gives us the attunement or the key to enter this realm. Once in the Records, Spirit directs the course, and we are guided to retrieve the information that is most valuable for others or ourselves. The beauty of being able to access the Akashic Records in this way is that we don’t have to be a psychic or to have special abilities that may require years of training to develop this special talent.

The Sacred Prayer contains the encoding that opens a portal for us to go to what I call the “library of congress” of the soul, where we are greeted by Masters that are eagerly waiting to answer any question that we may have about our soul’s growth and development. After we learn how to open the Records and we get fined tuned to this energy, we simply have to learn how to translate this information. Some of us receive information in images or by hearing or by sensing our feelings and emotions; the fact is that one way or another we will get information. It is as if we have the pass code to enter a special web site and once there, depending on the kind of equipment we have we can hear, see, and adjust the settings to view the page best.

Going back to my experience and the information that I received from the Masters and Teachers, as I mentioned before, I was engaged in a deep conversation about this issue that I thought I had cleared, and now here it was almost as big as it was before after years of doing deep personal work! What my Masters and Teachers told me is that I was ready to receive information that could change the way we do personal healing and most likely would change our understanding of deeply rooted emotional issues. They told me that we have “Imaginal cells” in hiding, that these cells hide within our DNA, and that they awaken as a group at each year of our lives. What it means is that around our Birthday a new set of Imaginal cells awaken from their dormant stage, and only a small group awaken that have the matrix or memory from that year of our lives.

These cells stack up with a program from past lives related to genealogy and karmic imprints, they stack up as if they where building blocks one on top of another within the DNA. The effect of these cells is felt at all levels mental, emotional and physical. They also affect the Chakra system and of course that in turn our emotions and actions. These Imaginal cells keep us from truly healing the issues and traumas that surface during our life.

I was blown away to hear what I was hearing, as quite frankly I have never heard anything like this before. After receiving this initial information, I went and started asking my colleges, friends, healers, Buddhist monks, psychology friends… you get the picture, just about anyone that I could ask… if they have ever heard of Imaginal cells. And the answer was the same in all cases, “No”. Most people said that they sounded intriguing and just the sound of it made them want to know more about them.

Needless to say, I have returned to the Akashic Records numerous times to ask for more information about these Imaginal cells, and here I present to you some of that information.

Imaginal cells are cells that hide in between the strands of our DNA, and are more like energy bundles or quanta, it seams that they simple are energetic imprints and not visible at all.

These Imaginal cells are milky white and shiny Pearlescent in color, and therefore they become almost invisible. These are cells that manifest at an energetic level, and since I am not a surgeon I cannot tell if they are visible under a microscope, though I would imagine they are not.

Imaginal cells come from dysfunctional patterns that have been self-imposed, as well as from ancestral and genealogical patterns. These cells are carried forward from one lifetime to the next, and they hold the memory of the dysfunctional pattern from each previous life.

Imaginal cells have an encoding program, and when is time for them to awaken they proliferate until they begin to resonate en mass.

It is my sense that most of us possess an awareness of these Imaginal cells at the subliminal level of consciousness and that if we are doing deep inner work then the evolved self can be ready to awaken within us to their presence if we ask for the decoding of these cells. As we become aware of Imaginal cells we actually learn, grow, become stronger, and evolve.

I am sure that for many as for me the question may come up, what has caused Imaginal cells to perpetuate as we continue to evolve?

To this I don’t have a clear answer yet but my intuition tells me that they are deeply rooted and connected to our reptilian brain.

These previously programmed cells have a deep influence as to how we behave and carry out our life at certain points during our growth process, and growth is not just during childhood but until we pass away. The program of Imaginal cells is to awaken from hiding at each year of our life, so from year one to the present we accumulate these Imaginal cells, as we grow old. Every year they awaken with one function, and that function is to confuse and disorganize the production of positive momentum as we move though life

These cells stack up as if they where building blocks of life but they stack up creating blocks and obstruction.

The structure of Imaginal cells includes a central cell body, from which there are eight tentacles or arms creating a star-like pattern. Underneath the arms or tentacles they have dozens of little arm-like hooks by which they attach themselves to the strands of DNA. These little hooks are very much like the hooks of Velcro.

Many people have been doing intense inner work for many years, and in the process of doing so they have been able to eliminate Imaginal cells from the time period of their life that they have done the work in. However as we move though life we may find that destructive patterns keep coming up or material from the time period of our life that we have worked with intensely is not totally erased. If so, then we can be certain that Imaginal cells are active.

Once we have the awareness of Imaginal cells, then we are better equipped to erase them or remove them from our DNA. We work to delete the coding of the Imaginal cell and create a new program or activation for new cell reconstruction. The old coding has deep implications to reptilian involvement. As we move to eradicate these cells, any linkage to reptilian activity is permanently erased or deleted, and we move more in the direction of a genuinely transformed being, one that is becoming truly a universal enlightened being.

Different techniques have been shown to me - from deep shotgun breathing techniques targeting each and every year of our life, to the use of the Akashic Records and “Grace Points” that manifest in the hands - to eliminate the Imaginal cells.

Grace Points have been given to us from the Akashic Records to help us in the process of getting information, clarifying and integrating it, as well as clearing it as necessary once received.

Grace Points surface in the soft tissue of either the left or right hand, and in most cases they surface in both hands to help us in balancing the masculine and feminine aspects of the issue we are working with, whether it is present history or past life material. What is important is that no matter what we must maintain a balance and equilibrium between the masculine and feminine polarities of the self. Grace Points and the information we receive from the Akashic Records can help us to do that.

Grace Points can help us to:

(1) Gain Clarity: Using “intention” and gentle touch of the grace points to re-direct the conscious mind to access the information you are seeking. Asking for clarity allows movement within the consciousness to open you to a new awareness or truth.

(2) Release that which no longer serves you: Using “intention” and gentle touch of the grace points to release limiting conditions, patterns, false beliefs, past judgments, etc. to allow movement and transformation of stationary energy. Releasing limitations allows a shift in consciousness to replace a contracted memory with an uplifting memory. Releasing these old patterns helps to expand your comfort zones by bringing more balance to your inner state of being.

(3) Integrate that which serves you: Using “intention” and gentle touch of the grace points to integrate new information and insights, to imprint positive experiences and awareness into your being. This includes all information that brings you into a place of love and Divine awareness.

Grace Points are an escape valve for energy that has been stuck or stagnant to flow out of the body. Grace Points are a way to give physical manifestation to information received, a way to move energy they is like the escape valve from a pressure cooker so the steam can be released.

In conclusion, we have in the Akashic Records a place where we can retreat and encounter absolutely no judgment or criticism, where we can feel embraced by the essence of the most pure love, the essence of the Divine and primordial substance. The Akashic Records, and the use of Grace Points, provide very powerful tools for our guidance and Self-transformation. They are a simple way of communicating with the Masters, Teachers, and the Lords of Akasha in order to receive useful information about issues that concern our soul’s growth and evolution, issues that we now know can persist and reside in the very deep and only recently revealed realm of Imaginal cells, and that we are then able to clarify, heal, and release forever.

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Ernesto Ortiz is recognized as an inspiring facilitator, teacher, and therapist. His training started at an early age with Shamans and Curanderos in Mexico and South America. Ernesto has been in the healing field for more than 25 years. As a practitioner, he incorporates numerous healing techniques such as Bodywork, CranioSacral Therapy, Karmapa Reiki, Integrative Breathwork, the Akashic Records, Shamanic Healing, and more. Ernesto is the president of "Journey to The Heart", a company dedicated to the upliftment of consciousness and the Well-Being of people. Our aim is to integrate with practical tools the Physical with the Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual bodies. We are a school with no walls. We offer classes and workshops worldwide including:

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Ernesto has been in private practice and teaching in Miami, Florida for 14 years. He has facilitated numerous workshops and seminars in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, and the Caribbean, and he has been featured in magazines like Allure, Cosmopolitan, and Selecta as one of the best massage therapists from coast to coast.

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