Salespeople are busy people. Some are so busy they’ve come to realize that time management is actually keeping them from achieving the outcomes they want. It’s frustrating that something so seemingly simple is such a source of trouble.

What most people either don’t realize or don’t acknowledge is that time management is not an issue of being able to use a calendar or appointment book. Time management frustrations are the direct result of difficulties: focusing, having clarity, establishing goals, holding yourself accountable, and taking right actions. Focus enables you to stay on the most effective and efficient path to get where you want to go with the fewest obstacles and distractions. Focus requires commitment and clarity.

You’re surrounded by distractions. However, when you’re clear about what you want, what you have to do to get it, and how to do what you need to do, you obtain the clarity to get you where you want to be. With all the distractions around you it’s easier to allow yourself to reactively respond to distractions than it is to gain the clarity you need to get what you want staying focused on taking the actions that will get you there. While it’s far more difficult at first to proactively focus on doing what you know you need to do, it becomes easier when you have clarity about your objectives and you begin to enjoy the results that focus and clarity produce.

More than anything else time management frustrations are the direct result of poor goals. Simply improving your ability to set good goals will increase salesbecause you’ll get more of the goals you set. Your goals must be based on actions and those actions must be in alignment with what you want to accomplish.

Goals, focus, and clarity are essential. But if you won’t hold yourself accountable they’re worthless. That means you don’t blame your results or lack of results on anyone or anything else. You don’t make excuses for yourself, you reevaluate your current actions making adjustments as needed, and you implement your new actions immediately. Self-accountability and actions are the key elements of good goals.

Salespeople are busy people and frequently that busyness is counterproductive. You’re working entirely too hard taking the wrong actions. Instead of just being busy, you must focus on right actions and eliminate all actions that aren’t on-target to get you the results you want. Right actions are in alignment with your goals and the big picture ultimate outcomes you want. Focus, clarity, goals, and accountability enable you to eliminate your time management frustrations taking the right actions that produce the results you want.

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