Rushing may seem to assist in getting more done, but I have found it often does the opposite. The faster you go the more behind you can get. If you are behind, slow down and assess the situation. Going faster might not be the answer, slowing down and figuring out a new strategy may be.

Step one: slow down and ask yourself what you can delegate. You don’t have to do everything yourself. I know it is tempting, but it is the recipe for getting way behind. Learn the fine art of delegating and use it. Others really do want to help, but they have to be asked.

Step two: ask yourself what you can completely eliminate from your schedule. I took a look at my business and decided that there were several things that I was doing that I just didn’t want to do anymore. I eliminated them and nothing happened. No one noticed and now I have additional time to do things I enjoy.

Step three: and perhaps the most important step. Ask yourself what the rush is all about. Why are you keeping yourself so busy? Think about this question for a while, the answer may not be as obvious as you think. Are you busy because you don’t want to deal with other life issues? Is there something or someone you are trying to avoid by being so busy?

Life does seem to be busy these days. Slow down and assess what is going on and what, if anything, you want to do about it. Maybe you love being really busy. If so, great! Don’t worry about it. Also, don’t complain about it being behind and being so busy.

If you are way too busy and you are not happy about it, slow down. Take some time to figure out what you are doing and why.

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