The secret of a great romantic evening is not what you do, but rather in how you do it. A simple dinner at home can be extremely romantic if you dress up, lay out a special table, light some candles and play slow, soul-melting music in the background. Transforming yourself in the most attentive, charming version of you will of course be the cherry on top of this romantic cake.

How do you put a romantic evening together if you are not the romantic-type?
The answer to this question is three-fold:

1. Keep it simple.
2. Focus mostly on the mood and feelings you want to create.
3. Use some of the following tips to ensure a truly romantic evening:

Ingredients for a romantic evening:

Plan - the more you plan, the better your ideas will became! It is the small little gestures (however silly it may seem to you) that will make the evening memorable.

Know your partner - concentrate on things that you know your partner will like and will be comfortable with. Pick their favorite foods, wine and music.

Setting - choose a place where you will be totally private that you can transform into a romantic nook. You don’t need to go far, (unless you want to) a corner in your garden or even the space in front of your fireplace can be used.

Use the usual romantic stuff to your advantage - the following ingredients are timeless and will do the trick without fail: candles, flowers, music, wine and good food. (not take-aways!)

Take a gift - even if it is a very small token of your affection. It must be personal and meaningful. Consider chocolate, flowers, a teddy bear, a love letter, a poem, jewelry or if you really run out of ideas: a gift voucher.

This is a very special night, make it unforgettable by treating your date as if he/she is the most important person in your world. Listen with your full attention to what they are saying, be attentive and focus on doing things that you know your date will enjoy.

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