Og writes in his third scroll that "I am a lion and I refuse to talk, to walk, to sleep with the sheep."

With this sentence Og declares with finality that he is finished with his former life of going with the flow. He is finished with living by just getting by. He is finished with living without direction, without passion, without focus.

With this sentence, Og declares with potent power that he chooses to do what it takes to fulfill the full measure of his potential, to realize the full measure of his talents and abilities. He chooses to rise up, to be counted, to be strongly self-directed.

Many people today have been programmed to go with the flow, to wait for the sheepherder to tell them what to do, to hide in the crowd. Many people are programmed to fear the unknown, avoid the different, cling to the comfortable.

For Og to pull himself up from his nightmare he had to make a choice. He chose to become a lion. He chose to rise up from the contented masses and make his own way in the world. He chose to realize his full potential and unleash his full passion to find true happiness.

What is your choice? Are you willing to turn away from those parts of you that live in fear? Are you willing to take a stand within yourself and choose to be free?

Here at the Og Group, we will help you unleash your inner lion. We have combined the ancient principles revealed by Og with unbelievable new scientific breakthroughs into mind/body chemistry. With our 7Laws Assessment, we can pinpoint as accurately as a thermometer measures temperature exactly how you think.

With this assessment in your hand you gain deeply specific insight into what makes you, you. Finally you will know exactly what to do so that you "will not fail, as the others, for in [your] hands [you] now hold the charts which will guide [you] through the perilous waters to shores which only yesterday seemed but a dream."

Come to www.ogmandino.com to learn more about how you can "avoid with fury the killers of time" and rise up with fury in all the power, majesty and glory of your inner lion.

The Og Group, Inc.

Author's Bio: 

David T. Blanchard is an authority on how people think. Over the past ten years, he has used his mathematically based and scientifically validated 7Laws Assessment to measure the individual and unique thought processes of over 3,000 people as accurately as a thermometer measures temperature.

During this 15,000 hours of research, he identified the seven thought processes seeking abundance all have in common and he identified two, those having to do with vivid visualization, that are constructively used by the 2% who know how to intentionally create their dreams in reality but which act as poison to the other 98% who typically escape and avoid their reality by trying to live in their dreams.

Blanchard is a successful entrepreneur, speaker and coach who was personally hand-picked by Bette Mandino, the widow of Og Mandino (author of The Greatest Salesman in the World), to carry on his mission of healing torn bodies and torn minds and to help people achieve the best within themselves.