I dare you to read this ALL the way through to the end.

Then, I dare you to take the appropriate follow-up action.

Yes...I dare you!

I dare you to go stand in front of the mirror and ask the man or woman you see, "Who am I?"

I dare you to ask the question, "Who am I?", until you answer it with a purpose for your life so rich and so deep it will give you chill bumps and adrenalin rushes just to think of it.

I dare you to then create a vision for your purpose so compelling that it will automatically pull you into it faster than the speed of light.

I dare you to ask yourself, "What is truly important to me?", and not stop asking until you have determined all the values that are unique to you.

I dare you live in accordance with your values, your vision and your purpose regardless of what others may say or do and regardless of what you think others may say or do.

Yes, I dare you to march to the beat of your drum even if you are the only one with that beat, that rhythm and that tune.

I dare you to be truly you.

I dare you to recall that this nation was build on the foundation of only a handful of people who had the values, the vision and purpose to make things different...yes, they did and because of them, we have the lives we live today.

I dare you to show up at your best when the rest of the world appears to be at its worst.

I dare you to pick and choose the people who will support your purpose, vision and values and let go of the others who won't.

I dare you to never settle again for any level of relationship that is destructive, abusive and/or energy-draining.

Yes, I dare you to live a life of total integrity.

I dare you to let go of the fears of failure, rejection, change and, yes, even success, and instead, embrace the belief that Life is forever Loving and the Universe has unlimited prosperous abundance just for the asking.

I dare you to laugh at stress and see the unimportance of allowing mistakes, errors and/or failures to control your mood, your thoughts or your life in any way, shape or form.

I dare you to sing, dance, write, paint, draw or otherwise express your creativity without comparing yourself to others.

I dare you to be truly you...100%!!

I dare to take all this and live it every day, 24-7-365, and should you slip back into your old ways that you just simply come back and gently remind yourself of your commitment to your personal path of your personal excellence.

Yes, I dare you to be different.

I dare you to not allow yourself to be influenced by the "bigger, better, faster, more, now"

I dare you to find your own pulse and simply follow it.

And when you walk past the mirror that you've been gazing into, I dare you to be reminded again and again of your unique beauty, your unique power, your unique calling and the unique path in this Life of yours.

I dare you to make a difference in whatever way you can, however big or small, globally or locally.

Yes, I dare you today to commit to be different...to make the most important thing about the most important thing the most important thing.

I dare you to NOT allow outside influences to change who you are, where you are going, who you are going there with or what is truly important to you.

But the biggest dare I have today is to now stand in front of my mirror and do everything I have just challenged you to do...to be a powerful role model...to practice what I say...
and to accept all my imperfections as just merely normal aspects of my humanness.

I dare us all to realize that collectively we have to power to make this place, this Planet Earth of ours, into whatever form we choose.

Lastly, I dare you forward this, cut and paste this and/or print this and give it to your loved ones, friends, colleagues and bosses. I dare you to forward copies of this to every newspaper, magazine and media outlet you know of or are connected to.

But better yet, I dare you to write your own version of this and send it to every one you know...

I dare you to be a difference-maker in your family, your place of work, your community and your world.

I dare us all to start NOW!

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