I am a bit weird, a bit different, but show me anyone who isn't? Those who are trying to conform and act 'normal' are just as weird as those who aren't. Those that are considered a bit 'eccentric' or 'out there' should be celebrated if they are being their authentic self.

As they say, 'I am not who I think I am, I am not who you think I am, I am who I think you think I am'. Translated it means that whatever you think other people think of you determines who you are, your identity in other words and unconsciously you will act accordingly. You will write articles that you think other people will like even though you are not being true to yourself. You will act and say things so as not to stand out or offend others.

This will limit your success. People will see through it.

The real key to success in life and in business for that matter is to be your authentic self. For some people it's the hardest thing to do in the world but when you do you will achieve a greater level of success, happiness and fulfillment.

By being yourself, by writing, acting or saying what you think or believe in, you will have already succeeded because you are being true to yourself. Some of the most inspirational and sucessful people in history are those who stay true to themselves no matter what.

People are searching for original ideas, businesses etc so expose yourself and be authentic!

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Nathan is passionate about helping people transform the quality of their lives. Since 2001 he has helped thousand’s of people transform the quality of their lives in the area of health and fi tness. His Personal Training business has expanded to help people transform not only the physical aspects but also the emotional areas of their lives. He believes all positive and lasting change starts on the inside and works its way out to help create a new reality. He gives people the tools to not only decide what it is they want out of life but also how they can follow through and make it happen. nathansmithblogger.blogspot.com