Telling children they are loved, lovable and special — and reinforcing this message every day from the time they are born (or even before they are born) — instills a core of confidence which will stay with them as they grow. Children should also learn at a young age to give themselves positive reinforcement.

To help even the youngest child develop and practice the core building blocks of constructive internal dialogue,

“Positive habit-building beginning at an early age has a dramatic effect on the subconscious mind,” comments Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of the #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul and co-author of The One Minute Millionaire.“


Affirmations are positive, empowering statements.
Affirmations promote optimistic self talk.
• They promote positive action.
• Positive affirmations build self confidence and self esteem.
• Positive affirmations create positive pictures in our minds.
Affirmations are most powerful when we:
• Say them in the present tense.
• Write them down.
• Feel them strongly.
• Say them everyday.
• Affirmations form our behavior patterns and habits.
• They are the foundation of our internal dialog.
• Affirmations help us focus our thoughts in a healthy way.

Affirmations promote positive thinking, and you have the opportunity today to do the same!

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