Why do Christians struggle with that question? Why is it bad to be wealthy? Does the Scripture say it is wrong to have riches? Jesus did not have a palatial home and an abundance of wealth, should you?

These are some of the questions many Christians are pondering. They want to be in the center of God’s Will so these questions beg to be answered.

Can you find anywhere in the Bible where it says it is wrong to be rich? You are warned to beware of the seducing power of wealth. You are warned not to put your trust in material things. You are warned not to make money your god. But there is nothing that says money or wealth is evil. It is the love of money that can defeat you.

Look at the men of God in the Old Testament. Job, David, Solomon even Joseph and Daniel, even though they were in captivity, were blessed by God with material wealth.

Money and material wealth like other things in life can be used for good or bad. When you focus on gaining riches and ignore God in your life, you are on dangerous grounds. God is a jealous God. He wants you to love and trust Him for your needs. When you put money or riches before Him it is the same as worshiping idols. The material things money can buy satisfy for a time but soon lose their luster. They are temporal.

When God blesses you with riches, material wealth, you have a responsibility to use it for His glory. You are not to consume it on your own lust but use it to help others. When you consider the poor and needy you are exhibiting a Christ like spirit. When you give your tithe to your church, the local storehouse, you are being obedient to God. Keep the right perspective and realize the abundance you have comes from God.

You might say “I wish God would bless me with riches”. What you are doing with what you have has a bearing on what He will do for you. Do you care about others that are in need? Does it bother you that others are going hungry? Do you give of your money and time to help others? Can God trust you to do these things if He blesses you with extreme wealth?

The poor can not help the poor with material things. Money is needed to purchase things of necessity. Money is needed to build homes, churches, hospitals, businesses, and to pay salaries. Could you and other Christians accomplish something good with the riches God allows you to have. The answer, of course, is yes. If churches fulfilled the mandate to love one another and look out for one another there would be no need for welfare programs.

There is nothing wrong with being rich. However, you will give an account of how you used those riches. Jesus saved you to “good works”. Doing those things Holy Spirit leads you to do for others. Being like Jesus, serving others first.
Don’t be afraid to gain all the wealth you can, as long as it is legal and moral, then use it to glorify God. Give it to send missionaries, to feed the poor, to help someone get back on their feet. Give it as if you were giving to God. He will use it and bless you for it.

Yes, it is ok to be rich, both in God’s blessings and in the riches of this world, when used for God’s glory.

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Author of "It's Ok To Be Rich But Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God". Preacher,Teacher and Mentor concerned about the Christians growth,Spiritually, financially and physically. www.ItsOkToBeRich.com