Hypnosis is the fast-track, automatic-pilot way of using the highly valuable concepts talked about in the popular DVD and book, "The Secret", which is based on the Universal Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction, simply stated, says that "What you think about and believe in sets up a natural force that creates or draws those things or circumstances into your life, automatically."

What you focus on, unwaveringly, is given to you.

Some may call that serendipity, or just a coincidence. But many wise and well-known individuals have used those very same principles to attract great success into their lives, over and over again.

There have been many wonderful teachings throughout time about these concepts.

Some books that you may have heard of before, that carry this same message are, "Think and Grow Rich", by Napoleon Hill, "The Science of Getting Rich", by Wallace D. Wattles and "As A Man Thinketh", by James Allen, and there have been many more.

By using hypnosis, you can begin to put those success producing techniques to work for yourself and start to enjoy all the good things in life that you've always wanted, easily and effectively.

Hypnosis allows you to reprogram the way your mind thinks, thereby setting up a system that attracts or draws to you what you think about into your life.

We all deserve to have success, fulfillment and happiness in all areas of our lives, but we must make the choice to do so by working in harmony with the natural laws.

Using the power of hypnosis to align with the Law of Attraction in our own lives will allow us to benefit from the attainment of our goals that we have set for ourselves, as they begin to find their way into our reality, easily and consistently.

The Great Minds throughout time have understood these Universal Laws, and have worked with them. These laws are always at work. They work perfectly.

When we learn to recognize and harness these natural laws, we can then begin living in alignment with them, and then discover that having a wonderful existence can be a natural process rather than experiencing a life of struggle.

By using hypnosis in combination with these natural laws, the process then becomes practically automatic.

Hypnosis can change the way we think and the way we behave, therefore changing what we attract into our lives.

There is an old saying that goes something like this: "If you keep doing the same thing over and over, you will continue to get the same result."

It has been said that we are creatures of habit. We resist change. Even when we aren't getting the results that we desire, people often find change too uncomfortable for them. So they go along in life sticking to the same old thoughts, attitudes and behaviors that they've always had, thus producing the same old unfulfilling results.

Why? Because, as much as they would like to achieve success, they just are much more comfortable doing what they already do and have always done. They resist change. They are stuck in a pattern. And that feels comfortable to them, and safe. It's predictable. Change may feel uncomfortable and scary.

The easiest way to allow this change to occur in a safe and comfortable way is by using hypnosis to change the way you think and behave.

By reprogramming the subconscious mind through hypnosis, you'll automatically begin to work in harmony with the Law of Attraction, and in the process discover your natural, unlimited capacity for success and happiness.

"As A Man Thinketh, So Is He."

Copyright © 2007 Sherry Sims

Author's Bio: 

With a strong background in Alternative Healing methods since 1987, Sherry brings all of those tools to the table and integrates them into her powerful Hypnosis therapy work.

Her background includes Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique ), Reiki, Pranic Healing, Intuitive Coaching and Counseling, Aura Interpretation and Balancing, and Guided Imagery Work.

She has worked with thousands of people to bring balance and healing to their lives through one-on-one sessions, group presentations, workshops, distance healing and telephone consultations. She has written numerous articles and has appeared on television and radio, as well as participating in countless Health Expos and Self-Help Events.

Her uplifting and empowering presentation style is light-hearted and joyful, and makes transforming your life easy and fun.

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