A great many people are afraid that someone else can control their minds with hypnosis.

In truth, hypnosis gives people more control over their own minds. People can learn to eliminate a fear, stop bleeding at will, and immediately stop addictive cravings with hypnosis. And, it really is something that is learned.

If it were simply a matter of bossing our minds around, all those years of negative self talk would have perfected our character and habits long ago.

We all practice self hypnosis. We command ourselves to go to the store and buy batteries for the flashlight, and we do! So, why doesn't an internal command to stop procrastinating make someone instantly productive and industrious? The answer is that usually there is an internal conflict over the procrastinated activity. Taking out the garbage is imagined to be unpleasant in some way, and so we read a blog on hypnosis instead.

When we command ourselves to buy the batteries their is conscious and internal agreement: we need and want the batteries. So off to the store we go.

A key to successful hypnosis is in finding a way, through hypnotic communication, to generate internal agreement with conscious goals.

Author's Bio: 

Wesley Anderson, Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy has been in practice in Atlanta since 1988. He is certified as a trainer in hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, (NLP). For more information about hypnosis, NLP, and hypnotherapy visit trance-formations.com.