The ABZzz's of Sleeping Insomnia Free literally follows the alphabet to help you improve your sleep. Today's focus is 'H' for hypnosis. Hypnosis may be the perfect solution for you to overcome your troublesome sleepless nights.

When you anticipate getting into bed with a great deal of trepidation because you know you are going to lie awake all night…you have a sleep disturbance.

Or you may be one of the millions who hate to get in to bed because you do fall asleep quickly, but then awaken in the middle of the night (perhaps numerous times) and are unable to get back to sleep.

Often your mind rehashes the events of the previous day. Or you think about all the things that are going wrong in your life. Or you just simply start thinking about all the things you’ve got to do the coming day. Whatever your thoughts, you then start to agonize that you’ve got to get to sleep and get some rest because you’ve got to get up for work soon.

If any of these scenarios above describe you, you have sleep anxiety and ANTS. ANTS stand for automatic negative thoughts. These automatic negative thoughts frequently happen and you don't even know it. They can be the total destruction of what might otherwise have been a reasonable night of rest.

When you do get up in the morning, you are positive that you haven't slept for one second all night long. And you feel more exhausted than when you went to bed. There are as many different home remedies to cure your insomnia, as there are reasons why you have the insomnia in the first place. However, it is just possible that a solution that will work for you is nightly guided hypnosis. Regular usage of a nightly guided hypnosis program could bring you just the relief you need. Generally, it will always improve your sleep.

If you feel like you have tried every other trick in the book to aid in falling asleep and staying asleep, including over the counter sleep medications or highly addictive sleeping pills, you might have realized that you develop a tolerance and what once worked no longer has the same affect. If you increase the medications, you simply end up with a groggy and lethargic feeling the next day. With guided hypnosis therapy, it can bring about long-lasting, safe and effective results. And the best part is, you will not have any negative side affects the next morning.

So let us discuss what hypnosis really is. Many folks think that when you are under the influence of hypnosis, that you are asleep. That really is not the case. What is more accurate, is that you need to be awake but in a very deep state of relaxation for guided insomnia hypnosis programs to be effective. Your unconscious is more open and receptive to suggestions when you are in this totally relaxed state.

Successful insomnia-relieving hypnosis programs will offer post hypnotic suggestions for your subconscious to assimilate, which in turn reduces anxiety and tension (the ANTS - automatic negative thoughts that I mentioned above) and will trigger a positive anticipation of restful sleep. Generally, we tend to get what we expect. So if you are expecting positive results, there is a far greater chance of getting positive results, even after the first session. The more you use a guided hypnosis program to treat challenged sleep, the more you will benefit from expectation of relaxation, which will naturally translate into better sleep.

Neutralizing stress, in our bodies and minds, is essential for a self-hypnosis program of treatment to work effectively. With repeated use, self-hypnosis programs will guide you in creating visualizations that can train your subconscious mind to turn off the ANTS that cause the stress. When the disturbed feelings and thoughts are in the 'off' position, it makes room for tranquil feelings to be a natural part of your nighttime relaxation.

Self-hypnosis insomnia programs will not be detrimental to you in any way. No hypnotist can make you do, say or think anything you do not wish to. You are always in complete control. That is one of the reasons why a guided insomnia program can be so effective. You are in control! Since you are in the driver's seat, you will learn that you have the ability to turn off the negative thoughts and replace them with tranquil, relaxing thoughts. A guided insomnia relief program only helps to direct your mind to the peaceful thoughts, not let the rampant negative thoughts take hold.

Creating a space and allowing time before bed to wind down with a guided hypnosis program aimed at overcoming insomnia may end up being just the perfect solution for your current sleep challenges.

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