It’s no joke… Athletes train very hard to be the best. As they should, if astonishing, record-breaking achievements are what they aspire to or for, they will have to do more than workout hard; they need to be intelligent, astute, shrewd and on the ball…no pun intended. And to be these things means to know more secrets, and how to employ and implement them. Believe me, I have worked with hundreds of aspiring and aspired athletes…this is a fact.

Power or more appropriately explosive power in athletics is more than just muscle power. Essentially it is knowing how to move correctly so you don’t waste valuable effort applying useless movement. Knowing the mechanics involved aids you in the economy of body movements for energy conservation, while efficiently accomplishing the task at hand. Knowledge of human kinetics (the science of biological or bodily motion) will also help you to identify the specific muscle, connective and bone groups involved in a body movement so you will know where to add attention to your workouts. A general workout (involving the whole body) can do you good, but specificity training (a specialized workout program for a particular skill-set) can hone a skill to perfection. This is where human kinetics comes in.

Generally speaking, an athlete may well, and usually do train hard daily, building strong and functional muscles—looking super fit—and yet unable to do well in his game, especially in application…during competition. It’s like a shotgun training you where to aim and pull the trigger, hoping that you land some shrapnel on the desired target. And for all you know, you may be firing lots of ammunition and yet have the target virtually unscratched. There really is no point being a hulk of mediocrity in tip-top shape. Application of knowledge is vital.

Champions are both brains and brawn. Skill first, then muscle power second. You cannot ignore one in favor of the other. Brains (the mind) and skill mean that you know the sport well, as well as the body mechanics involved. Your hectic training must be based on these principles. You focus your effort, time and resources only on what’s essential, aside from the general workouts you need. Therefore, you specifically add to your potential of being a champion.

Too many athletes today give the impression that athletics are all about packing on more and more muscle. But with the evolution of modern fitness technology and the much improved resistant equipment, the trend is towards stressing muscle power—especially when hyped by the media. But muscle training per se does not equate to being a champion. When your acumen and skills measure up to the challenge at hand, you win. And this means you have to train accurately according to what the sport requires. This defines human athletic kinetics, the age of mind and the age of singular integration. Stay tuned…

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Kurt Lee Hurley, Operator of, President and Founder/Partner of Synergy Fitness Systems LLC., Synergy Global Health Solutions LLC. and Creator of Integrated Variable Dynamics® and the Super Premium Supplement Line Neo Physis® is a Nationally Recognized Fitness Expert, Celebrity Trainer, Multi-Certified Fitness Professional, Nutrition Counselor and Personal Empowerment Coach. With over 30 years of experience in exercise application and 20 years of education, Kurt's passion for his work and his clients have made him one of the most in-demand trainers in Los Angeles. Kurt is a leader in the health and fitness industry, a beacon of truth and clarity with his innovative training philosophies and inspirational influence. He has been one of Hollywood's most sought after fitness experts and certified training professionals. As a vibrant, media savvy fitness personality, Kurt speaks of and demonstrates his non-traditional approach; a combination of health and fitness knowledge, personal empowerment, plethoric nutritional brain trust, motivational psychology, exceedingly broad physical talent and the mind/body/spirit connection, keep his clients coming in droves. His balanced fitness technology, converges the attainable, synergy of the MIND-BODY-SPIRIT, developing greater neuro-muscular control, strength, agility and flexibility, while extending the threshold of tranquility and well-being, thus establishing new levels of optimized energy, stamina, vitality and health.