My name is Brian Allen; I am 50 years of age in time as we know it, but my attitude towards life is one of many, thus making me timeless.
Our thoughts are so important to us on a daily basis.
What we think about most of the time is exactly what manifests in to our reality.
When we change our thoughts we will indeed change the world we live in.

If you want confirmation of this then I will give you an example…
Why is it that a vicious person lives in a vicious world and a happy person lives in a happy world?
It’s the same world so why is it different?
It isn’t!

But what is different is the way we perceive it in our daily lives, how we think about ourselves and others.
It’s our attitude, values and beliefs in total that work as our very own operating platform. (Like Vista)

The essence of a computer is based on a human mind, computers will never be as clever but it does operate in many similar ways.
We start off in life gathering info and storing it all up, then using it daily in our lives.
Our values, beliefs and attitude become our operating platform like Windows has, say, an Xp platform, or Vista.

I started out on Windows 95 it was ok and I learnt many things, but as time went on I needed to upgrade and move on.
I could not operate to my full potential in these days if I had stayed with the 95 software program.
If I had of tried to do so my life would have been slowed down, and it would be like wading through mud.

If we do not upgrade our values beliefs and attitudes constantly we will also be restricted in living our lives to the full.
Surely we want to at least have the choice to sprint rather than trudge along.

A good coach will be able to find out what is serving you best in the areas of values, beliefs and attitude.
Once established you and the coach will be able to weed out the ones that are not serving you and replace them with alternatives.
This is what I was referring to as upgrading your platforms.

That’s why I prefer to tell people I am a “Human Technician” rather than a “Life Coach”
I can tweet you, fix you, and help you to discover the greater platforms that are already within you.
I just help you to discover them; I rely on you wanting to do so because with out your desire and drive it will fail.

The good news is I can also help you to regenerate the passion and drive needed, but you have to give both yourself and me the permission to do so.
It’s as easy as that yet hard for many to accept this simple concept.

Partly because we all like to think we can sort ALL our own problems out, well we can if all the rest of the hardware, drives, conflicts, ram, memory, etc is all as it should be. Providing we don’t have any viruses lurking around in the back ground (negative thoughts usually)

Life is not that complicated as others would like you to believe, we are all basically the same with all the same functions, needs and desires.
We need energy, the right software, a sound platform to operate from, maintenance, and most of all good values and beliefs, ones that will empower us and move us forward, THATS IT!
Yes we are much like computers after all computers were invented to mimic us not the other way around.
What do you do if you can’t fix a problem with your PC? Maybe call a technician?
I rest my case!
So once again this is why we all live in the same world but some see it as beautiful and others view it as hostile.
Your eyes are the windows to your soul; allow the soul to see and your eyes will see angels not demons.

Author's Bio: 

Hello to all you lovely people out there!

My name is Brian Allen;
I am 47 years of age, single but with a fantastic daughter and Grandson.
Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to be happy and have all those around me happy as well.
But this was not the case for many, many years.
I have had a very varied and colorful life to say the least.
From 13 years of age I started to be controversial, unafraid, and outspoken at times.
Nothing was too dangerous or beyond me. I had to be the one to do the “Dare” or be the first to jump in for the underdog.
As long as it either brought me respect or earned me a laugh it was ok by me.

This was of course no accident. It was brought about from some unfortunate circumstances that were quite harrowing for any one at any age.
I learnt to stand up for myself and since then, I have always done the same for people that were less confident than me.
Yes I was the one that would stick his nose in when others were too afraid to do so for one reason or another.

This had been due to many factors that I will not go into here, but I can tell you that due to being bullied at an early age, going to 14 different schools, and having a rough upbringing has had an big impact on my values, beliefs, and also me as an individual.
I do not complain about any of these issues above as they are the very reasons for what and who I am today.
I am proud to say I am a survivor but one with passion, passion to help others in what ever way I can.

My main reason in my life now is to make I difference in other peoples lives, I have chosen coaching because in essence it is what I am all about.
Through choosing this as my new profession I can both serve a purpose and make a humble living from it as well.
My wish is to become so successful in the achievements of others that my practice increases ten fold.
I hope that I resonate with you here and now and if so then it’s ok for you to give me a call for a free 30 min consultation.

I have packages to suit all budgets and incomes. All I ask is that you are committed to your own achievements.
That you will invest in yourself and your future.
Remember that you have but one life here as we know it, so please make the very best of it.
Do not expect some thing to happen on its own, only you can make this happen.
If you are fed up with the results you are having in any area of your life, and then hire me in my professional capacity to turn things around in the direction of your dreams.