Mineral Cell Salt deficiencies is the cause of all disease according to The Biochemic Handbook, written by JB Chapman, MD & Edward L. Perry, MD. This extract from The Biochemic Handbook explains the principles behind the theory.

"The Biochemic System of Medicine is based primarily and fundamentally upon the "cell theory" of Virchow. In 1858 that great scientist pronounced the now famous dictum that the body is merely a collection of cells, and that medicinal treatment should be directed towards the individual cell. This great truth once enunciated, was seized upon, developed and elaborated by others, notably Moleschott of Rome, and Schuessler of Oldenburg, until with the full appreciation of the value of the inorganic constituents of the cell substance, and the part taken by them in the preservation of the health of the human organism, the Biochemic treatment of disease truly became a system of medicine.

"In this system for the first time the paramount importance of the inorganic constituents of the cell substance was recognised, the fact being that these "cell salts", as they are commonly called, are the vital portions of the body, the workers, the builders; that the water and organic substances forming the remainder of the orgamism are simply inert matter used by these salts in building the cells of the body.

"SHOULD A DEFICIENCY OCCUR IN ONE OR MORE OF THESE WORKERS, OF WHOM THERE ARE TWELVE, SOME ABNORMAL CONDITION ARISES. These abnormal conditions are known by the general term DISEASE and according as they manifest themselves in different arts of the body, they have been designated by various names. But these names totally fail to express the real trouble.

"EVERY DISEASE WHICH AFFLICTS THE HUMAN RACE IS DUE TO A LACK OF ONE OR MORE OF THESE INORGANIC WORKERS. Every pain or unpleasant sensation indicates a lack of some inorganic constituent of the body. Health and strength can be maintained only so long as the system is properly supplied with these call salts.

"These cell salts are twelve in number, all essential to the proper growth and development of every part of the body. They are Calcium (phosphate, sulphate and fluoride), Potassium (Phosphate, sulphate and chloride), sodium (phosphate, sulphate and chloride), magnesium phosphate, iron phosphate and silica.

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