Overseas trade is a key sales expansion route for many businesses around the world. Selling products and services in foreign countries may attract significant business revenue. Over time, foreign trade could even outpace home country sales and become the primary source of business.

It is true that there are many barriers to operating successfully overseas. For one there is the language! There are also government regulations to consider, some of which could end up being very costly if not complied with.

Other barriers include the logistics (and costs involved) in shipping product to another country, as well as storage and distribution. Companies must also think about just how they are going to establish a demand for their product overseas.

Thankfully, there is a simple solution to these issues that can make overseas trade seem like a walk in the park. What's more it need not cost your company a dime to set up!

The Power of Joint Ventures

Establishing joint ventures with businesses in your target foreign market is the key to success in overseas trade. All you need do is locate a business partner that is situated in that country with whom you can collaborate.

You can then broker a deal where the partner receives a financial reward on sales revenue generated in exchange for promoting your products in the foreign market and handling the supply chain logistics from your premises to the end customers in their country. By doing so you'll gain access to an overseas market for very little effort and no money down!

Finding Joint Venture Partners

Overseas joint venture partners are easily found through joint venture search companies such as www.jvbase.com

Joint venture search companies are specialists in matching businesses together that have a natural powerful synergy. They can provide business partner contacts in overseas markets who are specifically looking to market the type of product your business is offering.

Furthermore, many contacts will already have established customer networks. This could mean that you'll find yourself tapping into an instant database of buyers. Just think, you could be generating overseas sales within days of you setting up your joint venture agreement!

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