We have all seen them. I call them Gym fly’s. The guys that hang around the gym and do more talking than working out. They have the latest workout clothes, and are sipping on their carbohydrate and protein loaded fitness drink while they work their jaws. They LOOK the part, but in reality, they are simply LOOKING. Their target? Women.

From my experience, most women are at the gym to do one thing: workout. They are not interested in meeting guys and they are not impressed by how much weight you can throw overhead or how cool your arms look in your wife beater. The problem is, gym fly’s don’t get this. They often hover around these ladies ready to offer their “advice” to the “helpless woman.” Well ladies, listen up. Here are a few tips to help you keep these BUGS away from you and help you concentrate on getting a serious workout!

1. Knowledge is power…use it!-Many guys love to go up to women to give them advice on their lifting technique or workout in general. First of all, if ANYONE is going to put themselves out there in this way, you MUST be tactful…most of these guys AREN’T. Secondly, the fact is, a lot of their advice is often flat out WRONG. Women, if you do your homework and brush up on both your workout knowledge and technique, you will put THEM in their place. Trust me, they will leave you alone.

2. When in doubt, bring a friend-Working out with a partner will not only help keep your workouts focused and safe, it will also help keep the unwanted gym fly’s at bay. People who are together are less likely to be bothered when working out

3. Crank up the music-I like to listen to music when I workout personally. Rather than dealing with whatever is pumped through the speakers at the gym, I like to pop in the ear buds of my iPod. If you are there to concentrate on getting in shape, not socializing, then listening to music or audio books via earphones will surely let others know you mean business. Anyone who decides to interrupt you had better have a good reason as the simple fact that you will have to stop and pull out your earphones will deter many from even bothering.

4. Don’t go to the gym-Wait a second, don’t go to the gym? Yes, I said it. See, the mere fact that there are so many distractions at gyms makes working out at a gym not an option for a growing contingent of fitness buffs. This is not to say DON’T WORKOUT, but instead, workout outside of gyms at a boot camp style class. Obviously, you won’t have to deal with the aforementioned gymflys, nor any of the other interruptions and distractions that keep you from what you really want to do…get in shape! Outdoor workouts are a great alternative and if you take some time to learn a little about all the ways you can get in shape just using your own bodyweight, you may decide to stay away from the gym altogether.

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http://www.M2FitnessPros.com , aka, Emile Jarreau is 31 year veteran fitness professional and co-owner of MrFatloss.com in Long Beach, California. Also having 19 years of bodybuilding and figure coaching experience, he specializes in fat loss and all its aspects and freely shares online resources to the world.