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Why is the first million the most difficult one to earn? It can take you forever to make your first million if you don’t have a plan. But as soon as you figure out how to make one million, you can easily make two, three, four, five and even more millions by simply repeating what you did when you earned the first one.

Preparing your financial breakthrough is like building a prototype. Creating the mould is the most difficult, tedious part of any production. In the beginning, just focus on the mould. Plan it properly, design it carefully, and give it a personal touch.

Don’t make the mistake monkeys make. Monkeys try to imitate others and, if something doesn’t work immediately, they drop what they are doing and look for something else. Do not give up on your original idea. Don’t throw it away. Keep perfecting it until it is ready to go into production. Then multiply it as many times as you want.

Making your first million is like digging a mine. You have to move mountains of earth before you hit a vein of gold, but, after you have found it, all you need to do is follow it and to keep digging to get more and more gold. You wouldn’t stop digging after you had hit a vein of gold, would you? So why are you thinking of quitting now that you are almost there?   

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Matthias Schmelz
Author of the most expensive book in the world

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