Have you ever noticed that little voice in your mind? You know; the voice that right now is saying “what little voice?”… You probably know what I am talking about. Every one of us has some kind of internal dialog going on most of the day. Mine drives me nuts sometimes! To keep your thoughts and feelings positive it is very important to pro actively notice this voice and to keep track of what it is saying. In my view, there actually are two little voices… one positive and one negative. The positive one is the one that is supportive of all your ideas, beliefs in what you do and always expects the good in other people. The negative one is the whiner who always tries to put you and the rest of the world down, has no belief in what is possible and makes you feel doubtful and frustrated.

The positive voice is the one that creates the positive feelings and therefore will help you to attract the dreams and goals you have set for yourself by virtue of the Law of Attraction. It will help you to get ahead in life. The negative one creates negative feelings of jealousy, fear or frustration and will therefore sabotage your efforts to try and create the life of your dreams. It will only create more negativity in your life.

Key is: give more attention to the positive voice than to the negative one. In fact, try to give as little acknowledgment as possible to the negative voice. I suggest having a bit of fun with this. In your mind, create a mental image of your positive voice and your negative voice. Your positive voice could be represented by a fun little cheerleader, jumping around all happy and excited on your left shoulder. The negative voice could be a grumpy little old man, sitting cross armed on your shoulder with an angry little face. Now every time you hear yourself saying something negative to yourself or others, notice the little old grumpy dumpy sitting on your shoulder… That was him talking. On the other side is the fun cheerleader: what would she say? Would that be more constructive to say in this situation?

Just give it a try… by being and talking more positive to yourself and others, you will be able to apply the teachings of the Law of Attractions a lot more effective. Talking and speaking positive will attract more positive empowering things to you! If you are serious about attracting your dreams and goals in life, listen to your cheerleader and let the grumpy one crumble away...!

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Cornelis Boertjens is the CEO of OrangePeel Vision Boards, an innovative company focused on helping others to keep inspired to achieve their goals in life by offering a unique new software tool called “Vision Board”; an easy and very powerful way of creating a Vision Board on your computer, combining your own dream images with your chosen affirmations and power words. For more information feel free to visit http://www.visualizeyourgoals.com Cornelis can be reached via e-mail at cornelis@orangepeel.co.nz