Many times in my practice I hear clients describe the constant and chronic pain they endure everyday, then it is usually follwed by "Oh well, I guess at my age what can you expect." How sad! We spend more money in America on healthcare, or should I say sick care than anyone in the world. Why is this happening?
Since the beginning of the Industrial Revoluton, most Americans were given insurance cards which nearly covered 100% of the costs of their healthcare. Sounds great! Well here are the problems. First, we have learned to wait until we are sick before we focus on our bodies. That is the same as if we never did any preventative maintenance on our car and just waited until it died before we would take it to the mechanic. Boy, that would make car ownership expensive to say the least.
Second, once we are sick we expect doctors to perform miracles and put us back on our feet just like new. Because of the accumulative damage that we have done, your doctor can only have a band aid effect on your health.
Third, we expect drugs to allow us to eat badly and live badly without paying any consequences.
With this health mentality,people are alive longer, but they are not living. Let me explain.
Most Americans are taking pills at a rate of 5-30 pills a day. Now that may help your immediate problem, but at the same time create and even bigger problem. These pills are intoxicating your kidneys and liver which can lead to cancer, organ tissue dying, and digestive problems.
The obesity rate in our society is creating a major cost because of the increase in diabetes, high cholesterol, cancer, and heart disease. Our bodies need to be in motion and properly maintained so we can live a long and productive life.
For many people they run to the gym and work their brains out, all the while they are tightening their muscles and making them sore by creating lactic acid. Plus they rarely follow their exercise with a good diet, because they can justify eating badly since they exercise. For others they have tried every diet in the world and would rather die than exercise. For these people they are suffering from low metabolism, which burns less fat, and also muscle atrophy. Even still there are people who stretch with yoga and putting their muscles in difficult positions making them tight and sore. Most of these people are usually vegetarians which their protein is very limited and they have virtually no cardio workouts.
So what is a person to do? Well you should do all of the above. We need to do weightlifting, not bodybuilding, so that our bones will be stronger as well as our muscles.The lifting of light weights actually builds calcium in your bones from the pressure of the weights. Our muscles become stronger for little things like standing up or lifting little things around our house.
We need to stretch. I teach Active Isolated Stretching, which allows you to stretch every muscle in your body and hold each stretch for 2 seconds. Stretching allows your blood to flow freely thoughout your body, it frees up the nervous system, and also opens the lymphatic system to allow toxins to be removed from your body. Next a monthly massage.I'm not talking about a spa massage where you go to sleep. I mean a deep tissue massage that cleans the muscle fibers of lactic acid so you won't hurt after your workout. Finally your diet. Having lost 105lbs. I had to understand that weight loss starts in your head. You can go on all the diets you want or have stomach surgery by the best doctors in the world, but until you change your thought process about food nothing will work. You should eat every 2 hours in order to raise your metabolism. Study your foods and learn the value of eating many different types of veggies. Fast foods are cheap and convenient until your health bill comes. The cost of fast foods at that time will astronomical. So there you are. For many people they only do one, maybe two of the necessary things to better health. Educate yourself and visit

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Butch is a licensed massage therapist,personal trainer, and Active Isolated Stretching therapist. Along with his wife, Susan Phelps, Reg. Dietitian, have created the Tune Up for Life program to give clients a complete program to better health.