How to make "Self-Improvement" Work Every Time!

There is an inherent problem with the approach most people
take to self-improvement of any kind. There is a
presupposition that there is something wrong that needs
fixing. Perhaps it is true that there are areas in their
lives that they wish to change. However, the mindset with
which they approach transformation will very often NEGATE
any positive results they might have. Why? Because all of
their focus is on the PROBLEM they are trying to solve,
rather than their vision for what their life will be like on
without the alleged problem.

There is a very basic physical natural law which ultimately
determines ANY success on ANY level. This law dictates
exactly what our experience will be from moment to moment.
Best of all, this law is fully under our control at all
times, even if we are not aware of it.

This "law" is the Law of Attraction. Most of the time, you
hear about this law in terms of how it will help you to
attract wealth or abundance in general. However, the Law of
Attraction transcends just those basic desires. The Law of
Attraction dictates that you will receive back exactly what
you "vibrate"...that is, what you are FEELING. Where is your
attention? Is it on the feelings associated with the
problem, or with the feelings of no longer having the

If you approach self-improvement material with the desire to
"get rid of the problem", and if all your feelings are on
how terrible or frustrating this "problem" is, Universal Law
dictates that you will simply attract MORE of those
feelings...more of the circumstances that brought the
problem to you in the first place. The Universe isn’t "out
to get you". It is simply responding to the "request" that
you are putting out by way of your feelings.

If, however, you approach your self-improvement solutions
with high positive feelings associated with what your life
WILL be...if you visualize your success with your program of
choice on all sensory levels, particularly on the level of
EMOTION, you will literally magnetically ATTRACT the success
you are looking for! Miracles will occur!

While this may sound very "mystic" or even preposterous, I
submit to you that EVERY aspect of your life right now has
been brought to you in perfect response to your prevailing
thoughts and beliefs which directly effect your emotional
state, which in turn causes you to emit very specific and
magnetic frequencies which attract like frequencies.

We must never forget that beyond simply being flesh and
bone, we are, at a molecular level, ENERGY. And our personal
energy obeys the same physical laws as all other Energy
which we study more traditionally.

The wealthiest, most successful people in the world use the
Law of Attraction (albeit often unconsciously) to
effortlessly bring into their lives whatever they envision.
This could be wealth, successful businesses, or satisfying
relationships. Or, it could simply be wisdom, peace of mind,
and a sense of purpose.

The big secret is that you truly CAN have whatever you want,
regardless of how "pie-in-the-sky" this may sound. You need
only learn a few key concepts about HOW to ask for what you
want to begin receiving it in abundance! Despite what you
may currently believe or have been taught, it is not the
purpose of our lives to struggle, to work hard for years, or
try to "figure things out". Our job is to do what we love to
do. When we do that with full trust and knowing that doing
so will naturally attract our deepest desires, we become
powerful magnets, which absolutely assures our success.

All the best,

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