The power of thought. Isn't it amazing how whatever you focus on becomes the life you lead? Every thought that you invest in becomes your reality through the Law of Attraction. So why is it that the negative thoughts just sneak in and do their best to derail all that you've been thinking positively about? Why would your negative thoughts even want to derail you, and how do you keep this from happening? Someone once said, "Worrying is like little seeds of prayers and thoughts that are asking for what you don't want."
Here are a few tips on how to get beyond the negative thoughts you may be harboring.

Observe the negative thoughts instead of 'buying into' them:

Sometimes it can be hard to catch a negative thought before it comes into being within your mind. You can be enjoying the afternoon and all of a sudden you'll hear a negative thought that puts you into a tailspin of worry. Do your best to catch your negative thought when it comes into your mind and just for a moment step aside and observe your own logical mind and why you are having that particular thought. Get to the root of the matter. Are you worrying for the sake of worrying? Are you anticipating some event that you may be up against next week? Find out where the negative thought is coming from and just observe instead of participate. Is the negative thought stemming from some worry or from insecurity within you? Whatever the reason, just observe the negative thought and dig deeper within you. Is the negative thought stemmed in worry? Will the worrisome situation actually have a chance of happening "for real?" Get to the bottom of the thought and break it down. Don't become frustrated that you have negative thoughts. We all have them. It is our reaction to them that is the changing key. Observe and don't buy into what you may be saying about yourself or another. Take the negative and transform it into a positive. Catch yourself and transform the thought or completely negate it. When you get in a habit of negative thinking you can get rid of the habit by making the effort to catch yourself and observe what the thought is really about.

Every negative feeling and thought is like a boomerang

Remember that every thought and feeling that is repetitive in your mind will come about eventually. Every negative thought and feeling is a boomerang and eventually that boomerang will come back around. Keep this in mind the next time you tell yourself that your negative ways aren't hurting anyone. They are hurting you and creating more of the same. On the contrary if you think negatively and begin to change your mind over to the positive you will have a boomerang that you'll be happy to catch.

Shifting Focus

Contrast is part of being human. How boring would it be if we all liked the same things? What would be valuable in that experience? There is an opposite to everything in life and that is part of the human experience.

Realize that, as many negative thoughts you may have you can have just as easily enjoy many positive ones. Make the effort to make the change. Catch yourself in your own negative patterns and shift the focus as to find the positive in every event in your life. When you begin to make a habit out of finding the positive, no matter what you experience, your reality will reflect more positive things via the Law of Attraction.

Replacing the negative thoughts

It isn't enough to just get rid of the negative in your life. It is important to replace the negative with a positive. When your logical mind starts to understand and change when you disrupt the negative patterns, it must have something to replace that void. If you don't replace the negative pattern the mind will head right back to where it was…in the negative zone. Observe your own thought patterns throughout the day and see where your focus heads the most with the negative. Write it down and when you have the chance write an opposite of that negative. When it pops up throughout the day replace it with the new positive you have made for yourself.

You will find that life will take a turn for you when you are able to keep most of the negative thoughts that creep in from time to time at bay. You noticed we said most…we are all human, you know!

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