How to Create ReBrandable eBooks

A few weeks ago, Brian Wong published a re-brandable ebook, called “Law of Attraction Riches – How to Make Serious Money with the Law of Attraction”. "Re-brandable" means the reader can add their own name and email address and affiliate links to the eBook and start giving it away.

Re-brandable PDF books are one of the BEST ways we know to build a great list. The eBook teaches how to make $90,000 to over $305,000 WITHOUT having to spend a cent on advertising! That's a powerful claim and it has worked for Brian Wong and his fellow affiliates as well.

In a matter of weeks, there are now over 10,000 copies of these re-branded books circulating on the Internet and it is still growing. The mechanics to create an eBook like this is simple. All you need is a software called "Viral PDF". Its a really inexpensive piece of software (only $67) and very useful. It certainly saves a LOT of money considering the amount of money you would have to spend on Google Adwords to get the same result.

To create a brandable PDF document, just create an ebook on a text editor like Microsoft Word. Add hyperlinks and text codes that a rebrandable at selected section of the document. Publish it in PDF Format. You can either use Adobe Acrobat or get a free PDF Printer from the creators of "Viral PDF". Next just "sign" the pdf file with the software and voila - your re-brandable ebook is ready for distribution.

Of course, the key to success is to give your readers a REALLY GOOD REASON to rebrand the book otherwise this will be a futile exercise. In our case, helping someone make $90,000 to $305,000 is a pretty good reason.

How do readers rebrand the PDF file? Brian Wong created a video on how to re-Brand the Ebook as well. Readers find the free report on

Everybody can learn how to customize the report on Brian Wongs learning center called the SGR Affiliate bootcamp! All details are in the free report itself!

For further Informations about the SGR Club you can go to or

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Ilona & Christian are young Netpreneurs from Cologne/Germany. They work from home, espacially in the field of self-growth and social networking. They show the people how to attract health, wealth and happiness with the aw of Attraction and the SGR Club and the Secret Science ofe Getting Rich Program.