Building a computer is not like trying to break the bank at an online casino or a casino in Las Vegas, it is very simple, once you know how.

To make a computer work you must have a mother board a processor some ram a CD ROM drive and a hard drive, with these key components you can build a computer than can easily be upgraded ever few years instead of having to get an entirely new PC.

The first step in building a computer is to find a nice sized clean workspace. The next thing you must do it to lay everything out on the table so that when it is needed it is close.

Before going any further open the box for the motherboard and remove the manual from the box. The manual will tell you everything you need to know about building the computer. Not reading the manual for the motherboard before starting to build your PC is like gambling in a casino at the craps table, without knowing the rules for craps, and you would not play a casino table game without knowing the Gambling Expressions or the rules for that game would you?

Take the computer case and open the side panel. This will open the space you will be building the computer in. before touching any of the actual computer components make sure you have attacked your anti static line to your workspace and your wrist, a shock from your hand to one of the computer components can damage them permanently.

With the computer case you will have a bag of screws. In this bag are some posts, place the mother board in the case just to see where the holes line up, and in each of the holes place a post screw. These posts are used as spacers so that the motherboard does not sit directly on the computer case.

After putting in the posts, the mother board can be placed on top of them and screwed into place. When screwing in the motherboard make sure to use the paper washers on each of the screws attaching the motherboard to the case.

Now you can carefully open the processor box and remove it, carefully line up the cutout in the processor with the one in the motherboard, and gently put the processor in place. Once the computers processor is on the motherboard, make sure to lock it, to stop it from moving.

Before you can put on the heat sink and fan you must put on a layer of thermal glue to the back of the processor, this glue makes sure the heat flows from the processor to the heat sink and fan. Without this glue the processor will over heat and burn out fast.

Most modern motherboards have a Nic card, video card and sound card as part of the mother board. This make is much easier to build the computer because that is 3 less things that have to be purchased or installed.

Now you can install the Ram. This is done by locating the cut out of the ram chip and lining it up with the slot for the ram on the mother board. If you are not sure where to install the ram make sure to check the motherboards manual it will show you exactly where to install the ram.

Now all that is left is the hard drive CD Rom drive and some wires connecting the computers on and off button to the motherboard.

The mother board will come with the cables you need to install your heard drive and your CD Rom drive. It is simple to do just plug one end of the cable into its place on the motherboard and the other end to the device you are attaching; it is as easy as playing Keno.

There will still be 4 or 5 wires that will need to be hooked up from the case to the motherboard. These wires are for the on and off button the reset button and the power lights on the computers case.

By reading the manual and following the directions you can build a computer in about an hour.

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