Are you looking for practical tools to eliminate debt? Practical tools that will help create a new and powerful mindset, the abundance mindset? You’re in the right place. Here is an exercise that will set you up as a vibratory magnet for money, regardless of where you are financially. It’s a great way to set your vibration to attract more money while paying the bills.

I normally don’t do this exercise with bills because our bills are automatically withdrawn from our necessity account. Instead, I do this exercise when I receive checks, regardless of what size they are.

Recently, I received an affiliate commission check for $179.19. I took a piece of paper and wrote down 100x that amount.


Then I just closed my eyes and held the image of the new check in my hand with the new amount. It felt like it was really in my hands; I was thinking about what I was going to do with that money….. all the great luxuries I could afford, the gifts I would buy, the places I would visit, the people I would see and the vacations I would take. It felt wonderful. How do I know it’s working? Because of the feeling, that’s how.

It’s just a simple visualization. Straight forward, right?

Why this Visualization Doesn’t Work for Most People

Here’s the thing. I’ve gone through the same exercise with different people, and the response is almost always the same. It’s as Wallace Wattles said,

“…this is where most people meet shipwreck…”

You see, the problem comes back to conditioning. You’re always conditioning yourself and programming your mind what to think. It’s not something that happens by chance, you continually choose your thoughts. I’ve talked about this before in Attraction is a Choice.

When people think about having an extra $1,000, $10,000 or $ 100,000 the first thing on their mind is paying the bills and eliminating debt. And to make matters worse, they actually get excited at the thought. They’re projecting strong positive feeling at the sight of paying their bills.

I hate to say it, but this is going to keep you in debt forever. Why?

Because the good feelings of paying debt will encourage the re-creation of that experience over and over again. Feeling good about paying debt actually attracts more of ‘paying debt’ into your experience.

It’s a continuous cycle of debt payment that you continually recreate.

So what should you do instead?

How to Eliminate the Thought of Debt

You should eliminate the thought of debt from your mind completely. You’ve got to get the idea of paying debt out of your head so that you focus on attracting more money. And the only way to get out of debt is to manage your way out of debt - not think your way out of it.

How do you do that?

Use the JARS Money Management System. This system will get you out of debt because you don’t have to think about it. It works on autopilot. It’s a money management system that you can set up to function automatically - that means without you - which means you’ve just freed up enough neurons in your brain to think of abundance and prosperity instead of debt, debt, and more debt.

If you haven’t started the JARS or any other money management system, go right now and read this article to get started: Managing Money - The JARS System

Once you’re managing your way out of debt, what do you do next?

Think wealth and well being. Think about the magnificent vacations you’re going to take, the people you will entertain and the lifestyle you will now enjoy with that big juicy check.

How are you going to spend the money on yourself? How are you going to really enjoy that money so that more can come to you?

Money is nothing but green energy - if you want more of it, you’ve got to enjoy the money you’ve got and more will come.

How to Attract More Money While Paying the Bills

The next time you receive a bill, take a piece of paper and write down 100x that amount. Let’s say the bill is for $87.42. A phone bill or gas bill, or whatever. Take a piece of paper and write down 100x that amount,

$ 8,742.00

Now close your eyes and visualize the check in your hands as you just received it and think about what you would do with that money. Really think about it.

If your mind goes to debt by default that’s ok - be patient with yourself and create a new picture. Think of something really enjoyable you could do for yourself with that money. Think of something fun and new, something you always wanted to do, but didn’t because of a lack of money.

Once you get that new image, just hold onto it. Add color and brightness to it. There is a science to this, so stay with me here. Add some width to the picture, make it panoramic or a wide-screen view. Just be as creative as you want; it’s your life - you get to create it the way you want it. Think BIG!

How do you know it’s working?

You know if this visualization is working if it feels good - that’s how. If you’re feeling good then you’re sending out a high frequency of vibration that is penetrating all time and space. You’re actively attracting more money into you life. Remember to bookmark this page and come back when the bills start coming in :)

Steve, Feeling the Green Energy

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