How to Stay “Revved Up”
The Positive Alternative in a Negative World
By Judi Moreo

Most of us experience our highest levels during the morning hours, when we are refreshed from a good night’s sleep. Therefore, our sharpest and clearest thinking is usually in the morning. On the other hand, the afternoon is when our energy level is apt to be lower and our thinking is a bit duller, especially after a big lunch when all we want to do is take a nap and digest all that food.

Here are some suggestions for “revving up your energy” and remaining clearheaded, alert, and ready for anything – even in the afternoon.

Complete things.
If you have something to do, do it now. Do the worst part first and get it out of the way. Once you make that difficult phone call or begin the project you’ve been avoiding, you’ll realize it was the anticipation, rather than the doing, that was causing you to suffer.

Do first things first.
Do your most important tasks when you’re the freshest. Use this peak performance time to develop strategies, conceptualize, analyze, plan, schedule important meetings, make crucial phone calls. Leave the non-urgent items until later in the day.

Allow some time cushions.
When you schedule your time, allow time for thinking, planning, and reading. Renegotiate deadlines if it appears you can’t make one. This buys time for you and gives others time to prepare for the change in plans.

Decide to “want to do” what you have to do.
Most of us have things we have to do that we don’t look forward to. In order to keep your energy “revved up,” don’t think of these things as “duties”, think of them as challenges and opportunities to learn something such as patience, discipline, or how to deal more effectively with different types of people.

Implement a “quiet time.”
Designate a specific time when no one will interrupt anyone else unless it is absolutely necessary. Since morning is the most productive time for most people, morning seems to be the best choice for “quiet time.” No interruptions during productive time. What a pleasure!

Avoid negative people.
Don’t listen to people who complain or whine regularly. Don’t become the “Father Confessor” or “Sister Care Taker” for the neighborhood. Ask yourself if you foster dependency or independence when you help one of these people. Do you give the answers or do you show how and encourage others to find the answers for themselves.
Don’t let them become dependent on you to do everything for them. These people are energy sappers. You become tired just being around them.

Exercise daily.
Park your car in the last parking space so you’ll have farther to walk. Climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator. It may take longer, but the exercise can help keep you in shape and keep your energy levels up.

Prepare for tomorrow.
When the day is over, take a few minutes to straighten things up and put everything in order for the next day. This will give you a sense of completion and a sense of readiness for tomorrow. It will also give you the feeling that you can relax and enjoy the evening.
The evening is the time to “relax and rev down.” Get your rest, sleep well, and wake up tomorrow all ready to be “revved up” again.


Author's Bio: 

Judi Moreo is the author of the award winning book, “You Are More Than Enough” and it’s companion, “Achievement Journal.” You can find her books in all major book stores,, or To contact Judi for book signings and speaking engagements, contact Charlotte at (702) 896-2228.