Day 1 - Today. Decide what type of business you wish to have, one that you are an expert at. You may be an expert at discovering why people's homes are actually killing them. You may be good at discovering the cause of their children's allergies due to dust mites or chemicals that are non-eco friendly. You may be good at storytelling or leading scavenger hunts for youth groups, teens. You may be good at teaching yoga to 7-11 yr. olds. Trust what makes you feel happy, what you feel passionate about. You can start from your home or local YMCA or YWCA or small gym.

Day 2 Think up a unique name like "Yoga, not Yogurt for Teens". You can use your own name that is cheaper than registering with the county or state you live in for a Fictitious Name, i.e., "Jaime's Yoga, not Yogurt for Teens".

Day 3 Go to your county office for occupational licenses and permit. Pay minimum of $35 dollars with address, phone number, purpose of the business. Fill out necessary form(s). Pay registration fee.

Day 4 Go to your local papers and pay about $15 to print short ad under legal notices for the new business and address. They'll know how to word it. After 3 day's notice of being in the papers, letting everyone know you are entering into new business and if any creditors have a problem with you, they can claim you pay first or get rid of any legal problems you might have incurred. If you get no complaints you can then open a bank account doing business as (it'll say on your check book DBA) "Jaime's Yoga, not Yogurt for Teens Company". Take that newspaper information as proof to the bank of your choice with your new legal business name.

Day 5 Order free checks if you know where to do this or order them from the bank. If you don't have the money for the $15 ad or the $35 occupational license, ask a friend or family member, church member or socal group member to make you a temporary loan and for what purpose. Tell them with your first income to your business, you will pay them back first after you tithe 10% back to God's work and from where you get your spiritual motivation and growth.

Day 6 Tell all your friends, family members and neighbors of your new business and make up brochures on your computer or friend's computer. Don't let any obstacles get to stand in your way to owning your own business. Everything will work out because you believe in yourself, what you are passionate about doing and that you are the expert.

Day 7 Go online to print out business cards for free. You pay a minimum of $5 for shipping and handling and get to have a company's imprinted name on the back of your cards in exchange for the cards being made free for you.

By serving others you serve God and yourself at the same time. You'll be the President, Treasurer and Secretary all in one until you're ready to begin hiring!

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Author of best-selling books, Super Vita-Minds: How to Stop Saying I Hate You...To Yourself and latest released title, The Only Way Out Is In: The Secrets of the 14 Realms to Love, Happiness and Success with Padaran Publications. Unity Minister and Director of The Doolin Healing Sanctuary & Yoga Studio.