Most people believe that when you own a cat no training is necessary. Well, soon after owning a cat they find out different, and the surprise of living with their beloved pet can become frustrating.

There are a number of problems that your cat could develop and a common one includes scratching. It is in your cat's nature to scratch, but just how do you stop them from ruining your favorite furniture?

Scratching Is In Their Nature

There are two reasons your cat feels the need to scratch. One reason is to keep them in good shape. Cats are natural hunters, even though they are now domestic they still have this instinct inside of them.

In your cats mind this is the most vital part of their bodies, since they need them to hunt. And they scratch to maintain their sharp claws, keep them trim, and under control.

The second reason why cats scratch things is because they are marking their territory. They will also spray their territory and rub their scent on it too. If someone or something new has just been introduced into your cat's environment then there is a good chance that they will start to scratch things more frequently. Therefore most of the time, problem scratching is caused by your cat feeling threatened in some way.

How To Stop Scratching In Unwanted Areas

Since it is in their nature to scratch it can not be stopped completely. However, if you want to stop them from scratching furiture or other objects, you can always buy a proper scratching post. These can be found in any reliable pet store, or if you choose to you can even make your own.

Ensure that you place the scratching post in a place where all of the family goes. The idea is to let the cat think that they are still marking their territory. After all, they are not going to want to scratch the post if it is hidden away because that would not be sending out a message. The cat is looking to show their dominance of that area and so the post should be somewhere on view.

Some owners complain that they have trouble getting their cat to actually use the post. In order to solve this problem you will need to make it as enticing as possible. Play with them around the post and feed them by it too. Hang things that they like from the post too as this will encourage them to mark their territory.

Overall, as long as you make the post seem enticing, your cat should soon start to get the idea. Try to teach your cat to use a post from an early age as that way you will not have as many problems teaching them how to use it.

Be persistent with your training and ensure that you let the cat know that marking your furniture is not appropriate. Always reward them with praise when they do use their post. If you follow these tips you should successfully be able to post train your cat.

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