Are you a fish that needs a bigger tank?

There is a Japanese fish whose growth depends on the size of its fish tank. When the capacity of the tank is 250 gallons…it grows as big as the tank it’s in. When the capacity is increased to 500 gallons…it stretches to fill the tanks capacity.

If you are on a growth journey then you are like this type of fish.

The fact that you are seeking something bigger and better for your life is proof that you have outgrown your current “tank.”

Have you outgrown your dead end job?
Have you outgrown your stifling social circle?
Have you outgrown being in an unwholesome relationship?
Have you outgrown living an unhealthy lifestyle?
Have you outgrown being constantly broke?
Have you outgrown being purposeless?
Have you outgrown your “fish” tank?

If you have... then you need a bigger fish tank.
A bigger tank means growth and growth requires a mindset change.

Assuming that your current "fish tank" has a capacity of 250 gallons…to grow, you have to program yourself to think beyond this limit so that you can stretch into the bigger and better 500 gallon tank you want to fill.

If you don’t push yourself beyond the “artificial barrier” of the 250 gallon tank…you will find that despite having the ability to be more and do more in a 500 gallon tank; you will continue to remain stuck in the same 250 gallon tank you despise.

To grow, you must shatter your artificial boundaries and stretch into what you want to become.

If you want to get a new job or promotion or even to start a business; you have to posses certain qualities or a “mindset” that allows you to stretch, grow and move forward into that place.

You have to “become.”

For instance: It’s not enough to want to be the powerful woman in charge of XYZ co. You must also possess what it takes to “be” the CEO! You must “become” that woman.

There has to be an alignment of body, mind and spirit to become.
There has to be a certain attitude along with skills and wisdom to execute that position successfully, so that it commands respect and provides rewards.
All your mental programming must be congruent with where you plan to end up eventually.

The fish tank analogy is important because it shows you that you have to shatter your “artificial boundaries” to grow into and fill your tank's capacity!

Consider your current situation:

a) What is your new “fish tank?”

b) What programming causes you to hit artificial boundaries and prevents you from growing into your new 500 gallon fish tank? Identify it.

(Examples of limiting programming include: “I am stuck, I can’t think, I don’t’ know, my brain is frozen or it requires too much work, or it might not work out, or I don’t have what it takes or I don’t have money, or I am too lazy to push myself and so forth.”) Sound familiar?

This kind of programming is your enemy and it needs to go!

c) What state of mind do you have to be in on a daily basis to fill out your new tank or “become?” Write it down and commit to it.

d) Who do you need to “become” or what kind of woman do you need to be in order to shatter your artificial limitations and enter into your destiny?

You have out grown your old fish tank…

What is now required is for you to start operating on a frequency that shatters glass.

Look within to find the space to move emotionally and mentally beyong 250 gallons into the bigger space that awaits you!

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Caroline Jalango coaches women, provides strategies and solutions, motivates and helps women who want to do better for themselves. She is the author of "Settle for Less No More" and "You Deserve to Feel Good" motivational books for women who want to succeed. For more topics like this, visit to gain the momentum to do better for yourself and get the results you want!

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