Easy does it every time! These days it’s very easy to get instant credit and very easy to get into debt. And yes, it’s almost just as easy to repair bad credit!

In the “good old days”, people were proud to boast that they had “good credit”; people took great pride in having good credit. In years past it was a feat and a lot of paperwork and scrutiny in getting loans from banks, and other lending institutions -- or credit with department stores. Not so today… everybody has access to “easy credit”.

Repairing Bad Credit

As easy as it is to get credit, it’s even easier to end up with a bad credit rating. According to the Lexington Law Firm they have been successfully helping people repair bad credit for over a decade. Alternatively, it’s also possible to repair your own credit. The process of repairing credit is the same whether you choose a credit repair agency like Lexington Law Firm or other credit repairing agencies or if you do it yourself.

A credit repair company can help you repair your bad credit, in some cases for a nominal fee. There are some credit repair companies who charge by the number of debts listed on your report. Whether you choose a credit repair company or do it yourself, it all rests with effort on your part. There are free articles on fixing bad credit that can be found online and any number of credit repair companies, such as Lexington Law Firm.

Steps to Take for Repairing Bad Credit

The first step in repairing a bad credit, in my opinion, is to admit that you have bad credit; a review of your debts will clearly show you – in black and white. Make a list of all your debt.

Then order a copy of your credit report from each of the reporting agencies (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax). It was announced in December 2004 that you could order one credit report free of charge.

The next thing you want to do (especially if you’re choose to do it yourself) is to carefully review the data, checking closely for any type of errors… if the debt is indeed yours. In many cases, the name could be wrong, even the social security number –the debt may have already been paid.

After you have carefully reviewed the report, then make a list of items you wish to dispute. Be sure to dispute all entries that are unfamiliar to you; that you have no knowledge of having incurred the debt. One way to find out if any item is your debt is to place a call to the company listed to verify the history of incurrence.

Lastly, write a letter to each agency which the bad credit history is reported with, requesting them to remove any particular entry or entries that they be removed or updated. This process can be daunting and tedious, as this step must be repeated. If you do not have the luxury of time on your hand, this is where a company such as Lexington Law Firm can be an asset.

All in all, whether you chose to go with a credit repair company or do it own your own, it takes effort on your part. It can be rewarding to have a clear record and you will have learned a lot in how to keep your credit history in good repair.

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