If you're ready to start reading faces, that's smart. Face reading has been done for 5,000 years, and for good reason. You can communicate better with people when you know more about who they really are.

Consider it a form of the Golden Rule: Do face reading on others the way you would like them to do face reading on you.
This article can't teach you everything, of course. But it can get you started.

I began face reading as a hobby in 1975 and turned pro in 1986. Since then, I have literally read thousands of faces, in classes, reports, and doing party entertainment. That doesn't even count all the media interviews, like the major article on face reading Obama, McCain, Palin and Biden which, I understand, is due to appear next Sunday, September 21, in the Virginian-Pilot newspaper.


Your next door neighbor, Hank, might scoff at the very idea of reading an article for an introduction to face reading. As for buying a book like "Read People Deeper," Hank might consider that a totally ridiculous idea.

"Just make it up as you go along," he might say. "That's what I do. I can instantly tell if someone is a good person or a bad person. And I'm always right."

Yes, there's a technical name for what Hank does. Unfortunately, it isn't face reading. It is face judging. Or even "self-fulfilling prophecy."

Professional face readers do not do instant "face reading," no more than professional brain surgeons feel a compelling need to fix a patient up in one minute.

Aha, I knew there had to be a way that face reading was like brain surgery. ;-)

And here's another: If you really want to be good at it, don't reinvent the scalpel. Study with those who have gone before you and establish good face reading technique. Then you'll have a sound basis for improvising.


One more important point, as you get started doing face reading. This is completely different from reading expressions.

Body language, nonverbal communication -- even studying tiny little micro-expressions that flicker across a face at hummingbird speed (but are very, very human) -- is there a place for that in face reading? Nope. That's expression reading.

And expression reading can be useful for certain things but may I be blunt? For true face reading, the study of expressions is about as relevant as butt reading.

Not that we're going to do that in this article, either. There's a bit more that I can tell you on this distinction between face reading and expression reading -- though I promise not to write another thing here about butt reading.

That said, here come our 10 Rules of Face Reading.


Slow down long enough to really see like a face reader. To me, this is a sacred art, not just a way to get information.

Whatever your motivation, the quality of your face reading depends upon being able to really see the face properly.
As they say about programming computers, "Garbage in, Garbage out."


Make sure you are seeing that face on the level. In posts at my blog, www.rose-rosetree.com/blog, you can find many face reading articles. (Just search on the top of the left column to find them, typing in Face Reading.)

By contrast, look in the newspaper or on TV and most of the faces you'll see are tilted. Often this is done to disguise facial asymmetries.

When you do face reading, you'll develop an eye for seeing beyond camera angles and makeup. But that could take years. Even when you are experienced at face reading, it's preferable to keep looking for photos, or adjusting your position, until you can see that face on the level.


Don't look down at people. Face reading is best done like any activity where you're looking for truth. Look on the level.
•If you're looking in the mirror, hold it up so that the reflection is directly opposite your physical face.
•If you're reading faces in the newspaper, hold up the newspaper.
•If you're reading faces from a laptop screen, don't get cute with your position. Sit or stand so that the screen is directly opposite your physical face.


Read one item of face data at a time.
•Start with one physical feature, like nose or an eyebrow.
•Each feature contains several categories. Noses, for instance, contain at least 15.
•Each category contains two or three items of face data.

Again, you'll see loads of examples in face reading articles at my blog, which item of face data means what, in detail.

When you do face reading, it works like an alphabet. Just as you once learned the sounds of different letters as a basis for regular literacy, physiognomy (the art of face reading) requires that you learn to recognize one "letter" at a time.

No matter how eager you are to do face reading, you just can't skip this step. The accuracy of your face reading depends on your willingness to "stop and smell the roses," I mean the "noses," oh, wait, I mean "see the noses."


Decide if that particular item of face data is worth reading. If that item is hard to see, or you're not sure where it falls into a category, don't bother to read it.

Instead, go for the data that is obvious. For instance, the category of NOSE LENGTH includes three different possibilities: long, short, and medium.

One reason that face reading is really easy, once you get the hang of it, is that you have total permission to let things be easy.

That's right, easy. If you have to squint or scratch your head, because you can't tell if that nose is long or longish or somewhat long or maybe pretty long but who knows for sure....

Guess what? You're better off skipping over to something more obvious.


This is the most important ancient rule of face reading, just as true today as it was 5,000 years ago:

Very = Very.

You see, face reading depends on the give-and-take relationship -- to be fancy, reciprocal relationship -- between the physical face and the inner person.

That, my friend, is why you can take it easy when you do face reading.

•If a nose is VERY LONG, the meaning will be very important.
•If a nose is LONG, but not extremely long, the meaning will be just somewhat important.
•If you were having to squint over whether the nose is really long or not, the meaning will not be strong at all, either. Or, to put it bluntly, your reading will not be accurate.

And that's something you need with face reading like a hole in that head! So you have official permission to take it easy when you do face reading. Just as long as you keep holding that mirror/photo/laptop screen up properly!


Translate the physical face data you have observed into a meaning. With my books, this is easy. Each of my three books on face reading is written in a sequence that helps you to develop your eye. Illustrations are provided, as well.

"The Power of Face Reading" goes chapter-by-chapter through the face, with chapters like "Eyes" and "Chins."

"Read People Deeper" goes through one category at a time, and they're alphabetically arranged from

Addiction, Chemical
•through Sex Drive
•to Trust.

For extra convenience, page numbers for all 50 categories are listed inside the front cover.

"Wrinkles Are God's Makeup: How You Can Find Meaning in Your Evolving Face" is the most sophisticated face reading book you'll find in the field. It's probably the only one in the 5,000-year history of face reading to use comparison photographs as a way to explore the meaningful ways that faces "age."

Chapters are in a sequence about what aspects of your face are likely to change most quickly, which changes take longer, etc.

Beyond that, each of these books contains three indexes. Not one index, three! That's because I have been able to keep quality control over these books (unlike back in the day when Dell published my how-to called I Can Read Your Face, editing it and marketing it to be a "trivia book").

Turn to that index and look up the item of face data you're curious about. Then find the meaning. Every one of my face reading books works like this, a kind of birdwatcher's guide to people.


Improvise only after you have studied a face reading system.
Obviously, you want to make face reading your own, to do it in your own way. But the face readings with your name on them will be a lot more accurate if you first apprentice yourself to a professional at face reading.

Before you do those jazz riffs, study some scales.
Obviously, my books are not the only ones out there. I'm not the only teacher of face reading. Find whichever one you like and then learn from that teacher.

Even if you're only doing face reading as a hobby, I urge you to learn from those who have gone before you. Personally, I've spent decades doing serious research in this field. I know, I've been accused of having the best sense of humor among face reading authors, but that's not because I consider Deeper
Perception to be a big joke.

Ethics are important to this physiognomist. So I take the 10 Commandments very seriously. I absolutely will not covet my neighbor's wife.

Wait, that's not it. I mean, that's quite true. But the one that applies to face reading is this one: You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.


Read one side of the face at a time.

As you become more skilled at face reading, you'll start to notice loads of characteristics that are different from one side to the other.

Include that in your face reading. This can be some of the most meaningful face data you can find. Don't skip over asymmetries... or fear them.


Supplement what you find from a face reading with other forms of Deeper Perception. Face reading is a great place to start, because it's so easy to find the data and interpret it.

But much as I love face reading (Can you tell?) many nuances just don't show clearly enough at this level.

Add aura reading. Everyone, and I mean everyone, who wants to become good at aura reading is able to do so, once you find the right teacher. I would love to be that teacher for you. (Again, can you tell?)

Also, if you were born as an empath -- which would be 1 out of 20 Americans -- you can learn to become a skilled empath. After you learn to safely turn your gift(s) OFF most of the time, I can teach you dedicated techniques of empath-merge, where you safely turn your gift(s) ON really powerfully. You'll move into a direct experience of otherness, the biggest fun you can have with your clothes on and the perfect supplement to face reading.

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