In this article, Mysticism specifically refers to those who seek a direct personal communion with the Supreme Being now, while they still live and continue with their daily activities of family and social duties and responsibilities. The spiritual guardian or Satguru only shows you the way and the correct method to pursue the goal that leads to a direct conscious at will encounter with the Supreme Being. The Guru does not travel the way for you. Not in the least. This is why it is the practical path to the Ultimate Reality, which is God.

Usually, natural forces prepare the individuals for the mystic path through a series of incarnations or re-embodiments. Those who undergo this preparation are unconscious of the fact that they are being prepared for the ripe time of encountering a contemporary Spiritual Guardian or God in human form. When the time is come, the ripened individual finds him self at the feet of a Living Spiritual Guardian or Master. This is what is meant by the esoteric words, “When the student is ready the Master appears.” Only such an individual, as is tamed by the natural forces, would be ready to comprehend the words of the Spiritual Guardian. To the minds of those who are unripe, there will be confusion, questions and bewilderment.

The good news is that in the modern age of technology, information is available on the world wide web and people are able to find it and read and get acquainted with mystic information. With such information more and more people are being prepared with the conscious understanding that they are seeking for something higher. However, they still unconsciously seek for the opportune moment when they will encounter a contemporary Satguru or Master who will then initiate them into the divine secrets of the Path. They do not usually know who their Guru will turn out to be. Nor do they know when or where the special occasion will actually take place. The truth is that book knowledge alone can not prepare any one for the real mystic encounter.

Personally and like many others I have come to know, I never had such a time to consciously do any thing designed to prepare for the ripe moment. When the moment dawned I found myself before my would-be Spiritual Guardian who then initiated me. Whatever he had to say was new to my ears but it made perfect sense as it struck vivid meaning and value in my mind, heart and soul. I knew then that was IT.

Today, there are some specific things one can do in preparation for the mystic moment. We are told by the Gurus, Masters of Wisdom and Divine Guardians that amongst the things one can do to prepare for such a remarkable encounter, are the following:

• Live a lacto-vegetarian diet at least three to six months before the encounter.
• Drop or break any negative habits of imbibing narcotics and mind altering drugs.
• Break the habit of promiscuous sexual behavior
• Break the habit of telling lies
• Live honestly; do not earn money or acquire material wealth through dishonest means or via illegal channels.
• Be non-violent both to human and lower living beings such as animals, birds, reptiles, fishes and insects (mobile creatures).
• Desire intently to see, to love, to serve and to glorify the Supreme Being, now.
• Be ready for the rest of your life to live such a life as outlined in the above points.

The above constitute the basic preparatory regimen for any one who desires to encounter a perfected Divine Spiritual Guardian in this lifetime with intent to become a true mystic.

Author's Bio: 

Bhuka Bijumiro-Jjumiro was first initiated into the Mystic Path of the Saints far back in 1978 in Uganda. In 1981 he settled in companionship with his Spiritual Guardian and Mentor to learn and train in the ways of the mystics. In 1986 he was sent aborad to give the mystic teachings to the western people who would be ripe for the divine message. In 187 he took over 100 people to the sacrosdanct feet of his Siritual Guardian. Out of this number less than twenty were found ripe for spiritual instruction. Since 1986 Bijumiro-Jjumiro has traveled around the world teaching mysticism. He has written dozens of books on spirituality, mysticism, esoteric psychology and esoteric cultural anthropology as well as world spiritual history. He is now a senior minister of the Living Saints Temple of Wisdom and is opne to speaking engagements around the country. You can reach him at or at his website at