Persuasion techniques are probably the most important strategies you need in life. If you’re handling your own business, you would need persuasion techniques to close a deal. If you’re a teenage girl, you would need persuasion techniques to convince your parents to buy you that dress.

So you see… Persuasion techniques are very powerful. And it doesn’t take a genius to execute them, even when it comes to selling. Just follow some of these suggestions and you’ll be well on your way to getting more prospects to buy from you.

1) Justify The Cause.

One of the most powerful persuasion techniques involves you justifying the need for whatever it is you want. Or you can create a need so others will be easily persuaded by what you have to say.

For example, you’re selling a car to this couple. One of the ways you can close the deal is by helping them come up with a justification for buying the car.

Tell them that they need a car because it will save them time and money in the long run. Instead of commuting to work everyday, they can simply take their own car. Besides, it’s also convenient. What about emergencies? They will certainly need a car in case something unexpected comes up.

2) Keep Up With The Jones’

A lot of people can’t help but want to keep up with their neighbors. By appealing to this psychological trigger, you can easily persuade them to do what you want. This kind of persuasion technique has been around for centuries and has a very high success rate.

If you’re still trying to get a couple to buy a car, tell them that everybody else has one already. Or tell them that you have just sold a similar car to a guy who works in their company or a girl who lives in their community.

3) Overwhelming Persuasion

Persuasion techniques also have a lot to do with the delivery. If you’re not confident enough in whatever it is you’re trying to sell, you don’t stand a chance at persuading anybody.

One of the best persuasion strategies is to be so confident that you overwhelm your prospects. You have to make them believe that what you’re saying is the only thing that matters.

Unless you learn how to inject confidence in your tone, you won’t be able to close that deal. A confident person speaks with a low-pitched, slow-paced, downward-inflected voice.

Persuasion techniques have been around for ages. Now that you know how some of them work, you’ll be able to apply them to your everyday situation and come out on top.

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