In a perfect world, there would be no con artists. No liars. No thieves. And no one would have to feel the anger and sadness that comes with getting taken advantage of. Of course, the world is not perfect and people are mistreated everyday. Fair? No. Reality? Yes.

That’s why it’s imperative that you know how to deal with a situation in which you feel you’ve been wronged. If you’ve been made a fool of -- by a friend, loved one, acquaintance, or stranger -- you have probably been reliving the moment by replaying it in your mind.

Every time the scene goes through your head, how do you feel? Awful, foolish, embarrassed, shamed, angry, and victimized? All of the above? So just like that, because of your own thoughts, you have allowed yourself to be made a fool of again and again.

“If you have been wronged, holding on to it doesn’t make it right,” says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and Director of Training at Sedona Training Associates. “Often the intensity of feeling betrayed causes you to hold onto and relive the betrayal over and over again. If you don’t let go, you tend to attract more betrayal in your life.”

The longer you hold on to the betrayal, the more misery it will continue to cause in your life. So, from a rational perspective, the best choice is to just let it go, and move forward. How can you find it in yourself to forgive, let go, and move on from a painful situation?

This is where The Sedona Method comes in. This powerful tool puts you in control of your emotions, so that anger or sadness from your past no longer has a hold on your life.

Said Hilde Eide from Oslo, Norway about her experience at a recent Sedona Method retreat, “I have been very angry at a person for the last two years. I came to Sedona to release on that in particular. A few days into the retreat, I couldn’t seem to remember which situations upset me so much. They now seem meaningless. I felt more and more powerful during the retreat.”

You can also bring the benefits of releasing into your life by learning The Sedona Method in your own home. Whichever route you choose, learning to let go will help you get your life back.

“If you are willing to simply let go of wanting to change what happened, and let go of wanting to get even, you can then move on with your life,” Dwoskin says. “You can gain the wisdom from the experience and leave the pain behind. You will also break the pattern that is attracting people to you who mistreat you, and instead surround yourself with those who care.”

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Corinne L. Casazza is the Web Master for The Sedona Method, a body of emotional releasing techniques originated by Lester Levenson in the 1970s. Three decades later, Hale Dwoskin carries on Lester's work. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have transformed their lives using The Sedona Method. You can too.