Kids have an over abundance of papers, some of them it is wise to keep and others should be thrown away. These tips and hints for organizing schoolwork will help to make it easy to do and to keep it that way.

If you find that, your lockers are overcrowded and everything falls on the floor when you open the door it is probably because they do not know how to organize everything.
If you find that you have stacks and stacks of papers shoved under your beds, it is because you don't know how to organize everything.

If you find that your folders are bulging and breaking the seams of your binders and accordion folders, it is because you don't know how to organize everything.

The problem with this cycle is that it will extend into adult life. Your files and receipts will be in the same mess because you have not learned how to organize your priorities. While we are at it, have mom and dad check their files and see if they are organized and that important documents and receipts can be found in 2 minutes or less. If not---you come by disorganization naturally; you take after your parents. Children live what they learn and that goes for disorganization too! If mom and dad are disorganized, maybe all of you can work on this project together.

What you will need:
2 Accordion Files
Labels for each section of your folders
1 folder with pockets
1 garbage bag

Accordion File #1:
This is your new folder for at school. It will hold every piece of paper that you will need in order to complete your daily homework assignments. As you are given the homework assignment for each class, you will take all of your papers and add them to the correct section of your accordion file.
At the end of the day, you can grab your folder along with whatever book you need to complete your assignment and take it home with you.

Accordion File #2:
This file will hold all of your 'corrected' test papers for each class. After you have your test paper returned to you, always make the corrections and place the paper in your folder. Now when you have a test, it will be easy for you to study because you will have a guide to use---all of your previous tests PLUS answers to any chapter or unit questions that you have done. Keep these papers and test, because they will come in handy later in the year for semester and end of the year tests too!

Make sure that you have each section of the accordion file labeled with the names of your classes and have an extra one for miscellaneous papers, such as notes that need to be signed etc.

Now take the rest of the papers that you have left and decide if they need to be kept in your extra folder or if they can go in the garbage bag. Some papers that it would be smart to keep are maps from in history class, names of important people in history as well as dates, charts for math and cooking classes etc. Papers of this type can come in handy, but take up wasted space in your accordion file because it isn't something that you will need to complete a chapter or unit-it is information that you may need and don't want to get rid of yet.

Now you should have your schoolwork organized, read the next article on 'Organizing Your Desk'.

Author's Bio: 

Jan Hayner is a Professional Organizer that helps kids learn the importance of organizing their schoolwork and sets them o the right track for organizing their life the easy way. Go to her website for more tips and hints for parents and kids.

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