New Year Resolutions are nothing but short-term annual goals that help us to improve and break out of bad habits. They are almost always about self-improvement and are simply goals for the new year.

A term of Blue Monday has been assigned to the first full week of January when the combined depressive effects of the glow of Christmas fades away, New Year resolutions are broken, winter cold weather sets in, and credit card bills will be landing in the mailbox and the January paycheck is still a ways from being deposited.

It seems that new year resolutions can be superficial at best and seem to only motivate an individual for a few months. Why is it that New Year resolutions are so often abandoned so soon after they are made? The theory I have is that they aren’t written down and viewed on a daily basis. And even better than written down would be to have something to view and daily remind ourselves of, and motivate us on a daily basis.

Hence, Vision Map Videos, which are specific to our goals and affirmations we want to remember on a regular basis, you can watch videos on your computer, palm pilot, cell phone and any of your other electronic devised you have, they are right with you all time to encourage and remind you of what your intentions are on regular basis.

Most new year resolutions are dreams and/or goals that will never be realized because people fail to plan realistically of the day-to-day process required to make such dreams come into reality. What this daily process is, is to review these new goals/dreams on a daily and sometimes twice daily time frame so they can become integrated into your thoughts and being.

Vision Map Videos help you learn how to make goals and change your pattern of behavior for 2009 that will produce positive results and continually achieve the changes you want. You can pick smaller goals that you can achieve in the next 30-60 days and still have larger ones you want to start getting ready to achieve. You watch your video daily, it is fun and creates excitement in accomplishing your new goals, hence they manifest quicker.

When you set your new intentions/goals/dreams some are just too easy to achieve and they provide little motivation; but, on the other hand, unrealistically difficult goals can lead to loss of confidence and eventual rejection of your projected goals. In a video you can combine the two so that the short term, easy goals can maintain the enthusiasm and the long term goals can be creating the momentum to get off the ground and to achieve them also.

While you are in the process of realizing your dreams and meeting your goals don’t forget to enjoy your life while you live it every step of the way, as goals are the single most important force in human motivation. To keep this motivation alive now and in the future is daily stimulating the desire to achieve these financial goals, life goals, and even personal goal setting, as they are all things most people really want in their life.

Practice living in the moment, watch your Vision Map Video and you will find surprising treasures along the way in the year 2009.

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Darlene has researched and practiced many spiritual and personal growth paths and now is presenting Vision Map Videos to further enlighten and enrich the life of others thru visual perceptions. She uses the videos in her Effortless Lifestyle Balancing Coaching business. These videos are personalized for the individual and/or business, they can be used from attracting abundance to advertising your new published book. Receive her f.ree Inspiration For Daily Lives Newsletter. This is where you can see her most current Vision Map Video Spirited Boutique Darlene Siddons