Despite feeling completely committed to one another, many couples realize they are not fulfilling their sexual potential. Their physical intimate connection does not reflect the depth of love they have for one another. Others might feel quite satisfied with their sex life as a couple, but they are open to learning new skills to take their sexual intimacy to new levels.

In order to help couples improve the sexual health of their relationships, Terry Real, founder of the Relational Life Institute, announced a new partnership with two of America's top sex experts, Lana Holstein, M.D. and David Taylor, M.D. "As couples learn how to be more open and skilled in relating to one another, it is just as vital that they learn how to sustain or reawaken their sexual passion," said Real, a leading marriage and family therapist who is a multiple New York Times bestselling author.

Doctors Holstein and Taylor have spent the last decade refining their signature retreat for couples, teaching the skills needed to energize the dimensions of their sexual connection. That workshop called "Passionate Intimacy: Making Love Work in the Bedroom" will now be offered through the Relational Life Institute. During the three-day retreat, couples learn how to:

- Deepen intimacy,
- Rekindle the fire of passion,
- Extend their knowledge of sexual anatomy and physiology for better lovemaking,
- Recognize how to create and use sexual energy in their day-to-day interactions with one another,
- Bring back the joy of connecting the heart with sex, and
Deepen their desire for the physical expression of love.

The Holstein-Taylor workshop is the newest offering of the Relational Life Institute (RLI), which provides professional training for therapists in the Relational Life Therapy (RLT) methodology and develops groundbreaking, intensive workshops for couples, parents and individuals who want to improve their relationships. RLI distributes the programming through Real Relational Solutions, Inc., which also provides professional training for corporate consultants and coaches on "Working With Difficult Leaders."
This new collaboration will extend to a national tour of several U.S. cities in which Real and Holstein will train therapists on how to help their clients re-awaken the sexual intimacy they once had with their partners. The workshop called, "Making Love: Moving Couples from Apathy to Ecstasy" will uniquely blend Dr. Holstein's expertise on sex therapy with Real's Relational Life Therapy methodology. The presentation will interweave both experts' tools and core concepts as they have a dialogue with one another and with the audience about issues that are raised. Each one-day course will be conducted in Boston, Boulder, Houston, Minneapolis, New Jersey-New York area and San Francisco. Dates and registration details are forthcoming.

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In the past year, over 150 therapists and other helping professionals have enrolled in RLI's professional certification program and the Institute has delivered relationship skills training to over 500 individuals and couples around North America.

On Monday, February 16, Real will appear on ABC's Good Morning America to discuss the topic of "Sexless Marriage." He was also interviewed about how money affects the marriage by Jean Chatzky on Oprah & Friends Radio, and his broader work was has been covered in recent issues of SELF, Cosmopolitan and Women's Health magazines.