Almost everything we do in life is a choice. To get out of bed in the morning is a choice. To go to work and do your job and pay your rent and take chances and risks, are all choices. To eat unhealthy foods knowing you will gain weight and increase fat and cholesterol and your risk for heart disease are all choices. To get married, or stay in an unhappy marriage or have children, again all these things are our choices.
Every choice has a consequence.

Sometimes the consequences are good, sometimes they’re not. Either way, there is always a choice and a consequence that goes along with it. In my own personal opinion it is quite empowering to realize and exercise your ability to choose. That’s a whole lot better than leaving your life or your successes to chance. I would rather ensure my success by making better choices than leaving my life, my opportunities and my success up to a roll of the dice.

How often do you hear someone say, “I didn't have a choice”? As awful as the options may be, there is always a choice. If you choose to go out with friends or colleagues when you know you should be preparing for a test or a presentation that is your choice. If you don't pass the test, or you don't do as well as you know you were capable of on the presentation you will know you really have no one to blame but yourself. That's called taking responsibility for our actions.

Every choice moves us closer to or farther away from something. Where are your choices leading your life? When you are facing a challenge or an opportunity ask yourself, “Is this going to bring me closer to or farther away from what I want?” And then depending on your answer, you choose.

Sometimes you will have to choose between two crummy options. Even though both of the options are terrible, there is still a choice. Not choosing is choosing. If you want better things, you have to make better choices. If you want more money you have to make choices that will provide you with more money. If you want a better relationship, you have to make choices that encourage a better relationship.

Here's a little tool to help you out. I've developed a little fast and simple process that will help you to evaluate any situation and make better choices. With better choices we make better more enriched lives for ourselves. Ask yourself if I do X what will be the consequences, both good and bad. It's almost the same as doing a pros and cons list.

Most people don’t stop and think. They just do. If you can create a new habit of stopping whatever you are doing and simple ask, what are the consequences if I make this choice? You will make better decisions and create a better life for yourself.

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Sharmen Lane is an Author, speaker, radio host, and life coach. She has trained, managed, and coached thousands of individuals on what it takes to get what they want. She currently has several seminars, The 7 Secrets to Success, Success Made simple (easy as ABC), the 3 C’s To Success, to name a few. She was interviewed on "America's Leadership Tribute" show produced by NPR that was broadcast on all American Airlines and US Airways flights worldwide. Sharmen has her own live internet radio program “Success Made Simple” on and recently signed a one year contract to continue the show through July 2008. She wrote the book titled “The 7 Secrets to Create Your Fate”, which is a personal growth, self development book written to give everyone who reads it the motivation, inspiration and determination to go after what they want with passion. It is made up of her own life experiences or those she has interviewed or coached. She has personally gone from being a manicurist to millionaire and she did it by using all the principles described in her book.