As we begin the New Year, we are faced with a spirit of rejuvenation. Another opportunity to create the life we desire. But how do you go about creating the life you desire? You may resolve to go to the gym more, or attend religious services more often. You may even decide to change jobs and jump-start your career. Whatever you chose you will need to precipitate it with something vital. What is that you might ask? Well, it first begins with loving yourself unconditionally. Now, you maybe saying, but I already love myself unconditionally. If that is the case, then good for you. But I'm sure you could add some more loving to that. Or you maybe asking, how do I love myself unconditionally or you may think that you do love yourself but you still feel that something is missing. Nothing is missing. All that you need is deep within waiting to come out and feed your energy.

While it is easy to say that you love yourself, but the actual act of being loving to yourself is oftentimes difficult to achieve. In order to get that sometimes-elusive feeling, you need to understand what it means to love and be loving to yourself. Loving yourself begins with consciously doing things for YOU that are loving. You don't have to love yourself now to do it.

The more loving things you do for yourself, the more you get focused on being loving. The more you focus on being loving, the more fertile ground for love to grow. There was a time when I had no self-love, so I was always a target for other individuals who had so self-love. As you know, we are whom we attract. There was a time when I actually had believed that I was not deserving of love. Today, that feeling is such a distant memory. I have become so loving to myself that I have actually fallen in love with myself and continue to do so more and more everyday. I had shared this feeling with a friend of mine and he replied, "Good, now it will be easier for someone else to fall in love with you." And wonders of wonders, it has happened. I was able to be loving to myself by creating my passion.

Doing the things for me that I had expected other people to do. So as I began to treat myself more lovingly by turning up the volume of my inner messages, treating myself to more things I enjoyed, cutting myself slack on self-loathing or getting angry if I made a mistake, eating healthier, dancing and changing my attitude regarding abundance whether it was about money, good friends or a good life, etc, the more I was able to embrace loving ME. It took time and lots of conscious self-loving behavior, but I was able to eventually develop the strongest self-love possible.

So before you start complaining that people don't love you for you or that they are users, pay attention to how you treat yourself. Do you act like you deserve to be loved? You may want love, need love, crave love and pray for love. But if you do not treat yourself lovingly, then that is what the Law of Attraction will pick up on first and bring it right back at you double.

Consciously do loving things for yourself. As you give yourself more love, you'll enjoy the nurturing things you do for yourself. That makes you feel better and puts the focus more on your well-being and your energy will be more in sync with the real you. If you want to have loving friends and a loving romantic partner, give yourself love first. Believe me, it works! Be a loving person to all including YOU then let the Law of Attraction match your vibration by providing on the outside the love that you have sent inward.

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Trudy-Ann Ewan, Founder of Create Your Passion Life Coaching, is a Personal Development and Creative Life Coach. She works with individuals who are seeking to bring more love into their lives, drama-proof their love relationships and at the same time remain true to their essential self and create their unique identity. To learn more, visit her website at where you can sign up for her Free Newsletter, Free Assessment quizzes and where you can also join her Coaching Program. Feel free to join her Group on Facebook: Facebook / Create Your Passion Life Coaching