Are you travelling this summer? Have you come home to petsitting disasters? If so, you are in good company!

Most dog parents do not have quality dog care they can count on. In research that Canine Kingdom has conducted, we have found that a whopping 9 out of 10 dog parents are concerned about the care their dog family receives when they are away. Unfortunately, they are right to be concerned. Many dog parents return to sick or emotionally distraught canines…or even worse, no dog family at all. In most cases, dogs are lost either when guests are visiting or when they are watched by a caregiver.

What you can do now to keep your dog safe

Creating a Better Life for the Home Alone Dog, an important ebook for dog parents
There are so many ways to ensure - that your dog is kept busy, stimulated and happy every day - that your caregiver emulates your care, and knows how to avoid escapes…all necessary steps that prevent your dog from getting lost. Our ebook, Creating a Better Life for the Home Alone Dog, provides an easy step by step guide for managing pet sitters and avoiding disasters.

Breakthrough product to prevent and recover lost dogs!

Have one of your friends, relatives, or hired help ever left the gate open ? Do you need insurance to make sure you don’t ever lose your dog? Now, with the aid of breakthrough satellite location technology, you can prevent and quickly recover dogs that do go missing.
RoamEO, a breakthrough product in satellite technology for dogs, is an effective tool for dogs that have or can get away from you.

How it works:

Like other GPS tracking devices, RoamEO utilizes signals from the Satellite network to locate where your dog is. However, it is the only GPS tracking product on the market that does not use cell towers. This is important, as the signal from cell towers can have long delays and ‘dead areas’- which could mean life or death for your dog.

The chances that your dog will go missing are increased if these situations exist with your dog family:

New to your home
New to you
In the care of a dog walker/petsitter
You have visitors of any type
Learning/does not know ‘Come!’
Learning how to walk on leash/tug/pull hard on leash
Wanders/ Jumps fences
Dashes out the front door
Dashes out the car door
Critter chaser

Canine Kingdom Awards the RoamEO the Canine Kingdom Seal of Approval, and the Dog Safety Product of the Year for the following reasons:

1. Works Real Time:

RoamEO sends a signal every 3 SECONDS. Most ‘pet trackers’ work with a GPS/Cellular network, that sends a signal every 3 MINUTES at best or even in a day or two at worst – depending on your cell service. In addition, you need to call every time you want an update on where your pet is headed.

This could be the difference between life and death. We could stop right there, but there’s more.

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