Are your coaching clients leaving left and right because they do not want to pay for coaching services in today's economy? Recently I have been hearing from many coaches - life coaches, business coaching, career coaches and others, who have been telling me that it is much harder for them to find and keep service clients. Many of their clients are leaving and they can't find more clients to replace them. As a result, their revenue is decreasing and they are not sure what to do.

What can you do? How can you still run a profitable coaching business if clients are leaving faster than you can get new coaching clients?

The answer to these questions is simple. You must diversify your offerings! Instead of just one stream of income, your coaching services, you must create multiple streams of income. You do that by creating information products. Those could be e-books, teleseminars, CDs, workshop, books, commissions from selling other people's products and much more.

These are called multiple income streams becauseeach one of your products represents a new income stream for your coaching business. Once you create these products, you can sell them forever.

Here are different income streams that a coach like you can generate:

- Teleseminars and Teleclasses. Teaching classes over the phone is one of the best ways to promote your coaching expertise. It is also a great way to bring more affordable coaching to your target market. When you teach teleseminars to many people at once you can bring your coaching to your target market at a much lower price point!

- Ebooks And Special Reports. Turn the information that your target market is interested in into products! You can create ebooks and special reports by converting your documents into PDF format.

- Audio Recordings is another example of a great income stream. Your audio recordings can be sold directly on your web site. You could also put the audio recordings on a CD and physically ship the product to the customers.

- Affiliate Programs.

- Workshops. Same as teleclasses, workshops can be used to teach to many people at once, instead of doing one on one coaching sessions.

As you can see, there are many ways for you to turn your coaching expertise into products, and generate additional income with it. And doing this is even more important in today's economy.

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