There are different methods to getting more traffic to your website or blog. So which is the best METHOD? In this post I am going to touch on three methods of increasing traffic.

Why do websites fail? One of the main reasons why many online businesses fail is due to the lack of TRAFFIC! Traffic is the life blood of the internet, if your site does not generate enough high quality traffic you eventually will be out of business. Here are a few methods on how to get more traffic to your website.

Social Networking

The first method is social networking. There are many different social networking sites, some of my favorites are,,, and I get most of my free organic traffic to my blog from these social networking sites. Join these sites and add your site url to your profile and begin generating more traffic.

Google Page Ranking

How do you get your website ranked higher on Google? This method is a bit harder to achieve, but not impossible. It requires building back links (urls) to your website from ”authoritative” websites. It also means optimizing your website to key search word terms. This is called search engine optimization or SEO. Another way is to get your website listed on other authoritative websites by exchanging links. For example, I’ve been able to list my website on by submitting my link and writing articles that contain my website link. When authoritative websites list your site url your site will begin to rank much higher than those that aren’t back-linked.

The power of “page ranking” gives your site a higher level of content importance as perceived by Google. Remember-Google finds you when you are linked by another authority site. It’s simple logic. When an authority site contains your site url, it’s like having a business connection (the more connections you have the more likely you’ll receive referals). Another tool I found helpful to use is Google Annihilation.


A third method would be to advertise at high volume traffic websites like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Google is the best choice–since it has the highest traffic volume and potential buyers. It’s a bit expensive to advertise on Google through their Adwords program and requires a thorough understanding of keyword optimization and ad writing. Sometimes this is called pay per click (PPC) or content advertising. You might consider hiring an expert to set this marketing method up for you.

Free Advertising

While searching the internet,I stumbled across a simple source of free advertising. The free advertising website is called Hits2u. On the Hits2u site, you can submit your web url for free and be exposed to potentially tens of thousands of new and unique visitors! Your advertisement will be randomly displayed on promotional banners placed on Hits2u members’ high traffic websites. The list of website owners who place Hits2u banner ads on their site is growing at a exponential rate!

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