People often ask me what they can do to improve their health without spending any more money. The answer is - a lot! Yet many people believe that it costs more money to live healthier. It's just not true. There are a variety of ways that you can lead a healthier life that don’t cost a cent, and there are natural cures that are completely free. For example, just making sure that you get at least seven hours of restful sleep every night doesn’t cost any money at all, yet it is absolutely essential for good health.

Another example might be that of exercise, which needn’t cost anything at all but often does.

An important part of a balanced, healthy life is often meditation or prayer, which is available free of charge and which has truly been a completely free natural cure for countless people.

If you’re committed to living a healthier life you probably won’t be eating out as often as in the past because very few restaurants serve all-organic food. And all-organic food is essential to a healthy life. Eating at home instead of going out to restaurants could save you quite a bit of money by itself.

All-organic food provides all the nutrients, enzymes and minerals your body requires to be healthy. You won’t need to spend money on nutritional supplements. This could save you hundreds of dollars over time.

It’s obvious that we Americans pay too much for Healthcare. The best way to cut those costs is to live a healthier lifestyle — pure water, all-organic food, minimal stress, a sense of purpose and plenty of restful sleep. It’s that simple.

The answer is “Yes!” You can live a healthier life without spending more money. In fact, in the long run a healthier lifestyle may turn out to be the cheapest way to live! The quality of your life will certainly be more enjoyable. It’s not easy to be happy when your body feels lousy.

The challenge for most of us is mustering the self-discipline to give up the our old eating habits and our yearnings for a quick-fix in favor of a quieter, long term view of what’s best for the body, mind and spirit and then practice living that way. It can be done. Millions are doing it right now. If they can do it, you can, too.

You can start now by making a commitment to educate yourself about this important matter. Seek out like-minded people for mutual support. Your local health food store can be a useful resource for information about classes, seminars and workshops where you’ll meet others who want what you want. All you have to do is participate.

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